Strong cat food

Schwalbach, 15 February 2017

Four-cylinder from the engine modular are currently the trend, BMW has done it before. In the run-up to the Geneva car show 2017 (March 9-19), Jaguar now completed the engine line-up in many of its models to other units of the so-called Ingenium family.

Two litres for many series

Enjoy the modern machinery of XE, the XF and the F-pace come to model year 2018. A more important fact anticipate: all Ingenium four-cylinder have two liters of displacement. Each single combustion chamber is so 500 cubic centimeters tall. Are we working ourselves from the bottom to the top and start with the XE, 4.67 meters long. Gasoline with 200 and 250 PS alias 20 t and 25 t are new here. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard on both units. The weaker engine is always rear-wheel drive, for his brother, also an all-wheel drive is available. Prices start from 36.960 euro, for 250 HP at least 41.160 EUR is due. The all-wheel charge is 2,600 euros.

Fat doping for the XE

The top model of the XE series, the XE S, gets an injection of power from 40 HP. This increases the performance of its supercharged V6 from 340 to 380 HP. The price increases: 56.760 euro now invoke instead of previous 55.100 euro. A recent addition is the 240 HP strong diesel in the XE 25 d. 500 Newton metres and 6.1 seconds from zero to 100 km/h are the other key data. All-wheel drive is included in the price of 46.260 euros.

Now with virtual cockpit

What is new? For models with automatic transmission, there is a "dynamic mode" as an option. He changes the characteristic fields of steering, engine, and transmission. For the new four-cylinder petrol engine, a variable damper adjustment is available. Similar to how the Audi A4 a 12.3-inch TFT instrument be ordered. It offers four different views, including the driver map format filling can get in front of the nose. New assistance systems include a dead angle Warner and a collision warning for forward travel. Up to 60 km/h active emergency brake assist detects now pedestrian.

New entries on the Jaguar XF

What is new in the 4.95 meters long Jaguar XF? First same fresh Ingenium gasoline engines as in the XE, which is why only the prices are stated: 45.060 (200-HP gasoline engine with rear-wheel drive) and 48.560 euros (250 HP with rear-wheel drive). The all wheel surcharge of 2,600 HP for the larger engine remains the same. The unit with 240 HP in the program moves up as another diesel. 6.5 seconds are available as Sprint value record. A special feature here is the twin turbochargers, with rear wheel drive, the price starts at 49.360 euro. The XF XE, including a gesture control to open and close the rear cover takes over the further amendments to the 2018 model year.

Base diesel engine for the F-pace

Same applies to the popular SUV of Jaguar, the F pace. Motor side an interesting addition is made here but down. The additional name "E-Performance" Gets the F-pace through a manually switched two-litre diesel with 163 HP. 380 Newton meters reach maximum torque to the rear wheels. Surprisingly, this variant of but not cheaper, but in the course of General small optimizations to the F-pace is even more expensive than the previous base diesel engine with 180 HP. He cost so far 43,500 euros, for his weaker brother EUR 43.560 is due. Speaking of 180-Horsepower diesel: in there are now available with rear-wheel drive and automatic.

Thicker diesel and fat wheels

Diesel selection who had so far to little bite, which can now access to the F-pace 25 d Biturbo with 240 HP. As in the other series of 25 - diesel comes here from the factory with all-wheel drive and automatic. Price: 52.860 euro. 250 HP, the new two-liter petrol engine in the F-pace puts it 25 t, 51.160 euros. Who wants to do something for the look of his car: 22-inch alloy wheels move now In the product range. You have been the "first edition" reserved. (rh)