So sporty diesel can

Buchloe, November 4, 2014

For the first time, the sports car manufacturer Alpina dares the combination of diesel engine and Cabriolet. The cost comes in the form of the new D4 Bi - Turbo Cabriolet. But do not worry, as a coupe is the power diesel and of course to have. Even in the current BMW 3 Series Alpina Diesel transformation for real enthusiasms provides. Now 4p and 4p Cabrio benefit of the 3.0 - liter twin-turbo diesel engine, the Alpina brings by optimizing the intake ducts, a new exhaust manifold and a modified software to 350 hp and 700 Newton meters of torque (standard 435d xDrive: 313 hp and 630 Newton meters ).

Rear-wheel drive and bear-thrust

Change as opposed to the 435d models from BMW equipped with rear-wheel drive Alpina D4 Bi - Turbo models the transitions using an optimized version of the eight-speed sports automatic transmission and create the zero - to - 100 - km / h sprint in 4, 6 ( coupe ) and 5.0 seconds ( convertible). The speed limits are at 278 and 275 km / h. Alpina promises to a standard consumption of 5.3 or 5.9 liter diesel. A sports suspension with electronically adjustable dampers and matched springs, auxiliary springs and stabilizers to provide the typical Alpina style balance between sportiness and comfort even in the diesel - 4's.

D4 Bi - Turbo models from January 2015

The new D4 Bi - Turbos are visually immediately recognizable as Alpinas. They stand on the classic 19 - inch multi-spoke wheels, get to the obligatory spoiler and a small rear spoiler. In the interior, new sill plates, floor mats, emblems in the seats, blue deposited instruments and a hand-stitched steering wheel indicate the Buchloer origin. The launch of the D4 Alpina Bi - Turbo models is due in January 2015. The D4 Bi - Turbo Coupe costs at least 58,600 euros, the first Alpina convertible with diesel engine is to have from 64,800 euros . ( sw )