So nobel the Range Rover SV coupe is

Kronberg, Germany/Geneva, 6. March 2018

Uh, yeah, why not? So, we would not now – quite spontaneously – to steal necessarily as a first thought, one of the largest and most prestigious SUVs in the world two doors. But if it works, then you may also a little bit of spinning. Excuse me, dreams we wanted to say. And in the case of Land Rover, it currently runs like clockwork. Therefore, the values of customers will descend on the new Range Rover SV coupe, which the British present at the Geneva motor show in 2018 for the first time to the world public, is the only way.

999 times by hand

At least a lot to be said for it. The XXL-coupe – in-hand working of the Land Rover luxury-reaction Force SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) made – is the fastest Range of times, it has an almost indecently luxurious interior and it is limited to 999 copies. In spite of a blatant lack of doors, one immediately realizes that it is a Range Rover. And yet, much is different. According to Land Rover, only the hood and the lower part of the tailgate of the known Range were adopted siblings. Everything screams otherwise, "body", is new. And made of aluminum. Particularly clearly seen in the case of modified aprons and on the new Grill.

Since di low lackst

Furthermore, the Range Rover SV Coupé shines with a huge panoramic glass roof, frameless side Windows, electric doors, Pixel Laser-LED lights (144 LEDs) and the Option to close finishes, a total of four two-color. Speaking of paint: Here the possibilities are almost endless. There are eight Standard and 16 SV-Premium colors, including the new "Liquesence", the appearance of liquid metal. Everything to profane? On request, the SV-Bespoke-Team mixed them pretty much every sound in the world. In addition, it is the first in a Range of 23-inch wheels. If you do not want to draw the hatred of your tire installer, you can also have 21 - or 22-incher.

Inside, a king

In the interior of the Range Rover SV Coupé, the madness continues, by the way seamlessly. Where "seamlessly" sure, the completely wrong word. Because no matter whether you choose one or two leather colors in the interior, the seats are generally quilted in a very expensive-looking diamond pattern. Four two-color variants SVO offers for the Range coupe. The front seats are a different color than the two individual chairs in the rear. Electrical adjustment is available on all seats, front seat heating and ventilation. Of your body you lie on the finest semi-aniline leather, the special nobility of the enterprise – a, founded in 1905, the tannery comes. Different contrasting stitching, head of embroidery, engravings, based on the door handle or emblems made of precious metal? No Problem at all.

Wood-All Sorts Of

A Look somewhere between a private jet and a luxury yacht, by the way. The first available decor by the name of Nautica, in which the resourceful Land-Rover-artisans let the wood of walnut and maple blend alone. To fit so much wood-Couture, the technical equipment is anything other than modest. In addition to the well-known Ten-inch infotainment system and digital 12.3-inch instrument display, the Range Rover SV coupe also has a colour Head-up Display and a 1,700-Watt Meridian sound system with 23 speakers on Board.

Up to 266 km/h

As the drive is the strongest drive, of is find in the Land-Rover-shelf currently serves the wrong Range-coupe, of course. This is the 5.0-Liter supercharged V8 with 565 HP and 700 Newton metres of torque. In 5.3 seconds, it goes from 0-100 km/h, with a maximum of 266 things in it. As I said, faster was a car, a Range Rover Emblem emblazoned. This one has also matched the chassis Coupé-compatible. "A clear focus on dynamics, and driver orientation." Eight mm deep one is gone also. His terrain Skills, the SV coupe is not losing but. The known capable all-wheel drive is available, as well as 900 mm fording depth and 3.5 tons towing capacity. The sale of the two-door Range Rover (you will have to really get used to for a while) is to start in the fourth quarter of 2018. The prices are not yet known.(sw)