So is the fastest Lotus ever

Hethel, February 18, 2015

Lotus has already built many fast cars in its 60-year history. At the Geneva Motor Show ( March 3 to 15 2015) is the fastest. Say hello to the Lotus Evora 400. He manages 300 km / h top speed and accelerates in 4.2 seconds from zero to 100 km / h. Shares responsibility is an optimized variant of the well-known from Exige S and Evora S 3.5-liter supercharged V6 (originally from Toyota), who spits out now 406 instead of the previous 350 hp. The torque has been increased slightly from 400 to 410 Newton meters. The performance increase comes about through a new compressor including intercooler, an optimized engine management and a new exhaust. The 400 " Evora 400 " refers to the way the British power rating of 400 bhp.

Easier and much faster

The Evora 400 but is more than just " more power ". More than two-thirds of which must be new to the 2 + 2-seater. This includes a reduction in weight of 22 kg, which is mainly due to the cap lighter seats, wheels and engine mounts. In connection with an increase of the output ?? the front, the three-piece rear spoiler and diffuser were optimized ?? ensures that for six seconds faster lap time on our own test track at Hethel.

Comfortable interior

As in the Exige S, there is a three-stage traction control with the modes Drive, Sport and Race. From the factory, Evora is 400 equipped with a manual six-speed transmission, the switching behavior has been improved thanks to a new clutch and a new flywheel. Optionally, a six-speed automatic is available. Spruced It is also clear interior: Lotus has transformed the entire aluminum chassis and the columns and struts made ​​thinner and flatter to improve entry and exit. In addition, it will now give more space in series two and also the cockpit design has been brought up to date.

Lotus to growth

Visually, the Evora is 400 to recognize the new front-end design, which now includes LED daytime running lights. Fall on the rear ?? as mentioned ?? the big spoiler and a massive diffuser eye. Lotus boss Jean-Marc Gales, who wants to increase sales within three years to 3,500 cars per year (2014 sold to about 2,000 vehicles) calls the Evora 400 " the fastest street-legal Lotus that we have ever produced, with a performance which is reached only by cars that cost significantly more. " This brings us to the price. Although Lotus has not yet been formally expressed, with an increase of ten percent over the current Evora S may also be calculated. The Evora S is to have from 78,900 euros. Lotus expects to increase the total production to autumn 2015 from currently 45 to then 70 cars per week. The delivery of the Evora 400 begins in late summer 2015th (sw)