Lotus Exige S

Since the summer of 2012 Lotus Exige S is sold as a new car for the British forged small sports car and is the intensification of "normal" dar. Exige The Lotus Exige S car is a pure driving machine to its attributes to a vehicle height of only 1.13 meters effectively showcases, because this way, the Lotus Exige S flunderhaft ducks on the asphalt. The engine of the Lotus Exige S sports car comes from the Evora S, the small sports car is home to one charged by supercharger 3.5 liter engine in V6 arrangement under the hood, which ensures a whopping 350 hp and 400 Nm of torque at 7,000 trips. Thus accelerates the Lotus Exige S cars from a standstill in 4.0 seconds to 100 km, which is located in the much more expensive Ferrari or Lamborghini sports car segment. Thanks to nearly 1.2 tonnes unladen weight of the Lotus Exige S is extremely agile way and can move on to a top speed of 274 km / h. The standard consumption for the Lotus Exige S quantify the British at 10, 1 liter of super petrol per 100 kilometers for one pollutant emissions of 236 g CO ² / km.

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