So great is small

Mladá Boleslav ( Czech Republic ), September 30, 2014

Since 2000, Skoda has sold over 1.1 million Fabia Combi. The principle small car plus big mouth seems to be working. Now Skoda presents at the Paris Motor Show ( October 4 to 19 2014) before the third generation of the small space wonder and Fabia Combi 2014 is growing in every way. Compared to its predecessor, it is ten millimeters longer, 90 millimeters wider and at the same whopping 31 millimeters flatter. The wheelbase grows by five millimeters. Much more likely, however, the values ​​clientele interested in the trunk. The course is also growing ?? by 25 to now 530 liters (with rear seats folded down there are 1.395 liters ). This is the class-leading value. By comparison, the Seat Ibiza ST creates 430 liters, the Renault Clio Grand Tour takes up to 443 liters with. Also noteworthy: Up to 1.55 meters long objects fit into the interior, the tailgate opens to 1.90 meters and the load sill is 611 millimeters high. There are practical innovations such as a double cargo floor, a variety of hooks, various support networks or a flexible storage compartment.

Six engines up to 110 hp

In the design of the Fabia Combi-oriented nature of the Fabia hatchback, which celebrates its world premiere in Paris also. Say: edge is the key and this also sees the combined model of very high quality and chic. As the normal Fabia Combi is also the lighter ( by up to 55 kilos ) and consumed less ( up to 17 percent ). With the 1.0 - liter three-cylinder petrol engine, the Fabia Combi weighs 1004 kg at best. Speaking of engines: The Combi debuted with three petrol engines from 75 to 110 hp and three three-cylinder diesel engines with 75 and 105 hp. The 60-horsepower gasoline engine base is eliminated. All units are required to have with manual or automatic DSG gearbox. In terms of safety, the Fabia Combi with various optional assistance systems such as the Front Assistant with City Emergency Braking, multi collision brake, a fatigue warning or a new Speed ​​Limiter, which possesses a speed limit can be set beforehand scores. In addition, the long Fabia has the XDS electronic differential lock + standard equipment.

Fabia Combi from the start of 2015

Other features include an optional parking assistant for front and rear, a large panoramic glass roof or the all-new infotainment system with touch - screen with wiper function as on the smartphone. Owner of such can also appreciate the new MirrorLink technology. She brings smartphone apps, including navigation on the display of the infotainment system. The Smart Gate function allows you to map certain vehicle data in specific applications on your smartphone, save them there and mobile use. Imaginative shows the Fabia Combi with a ice scraper in the tank flap, space for up to seven bottles, one safety vests holder or a waste container in the side door. The new Fabia Combi will be the start of 2015, only a few weeks after the Fabia hatchback on the market. Prices are not fixed yet . ( sw )