Smart Clean Man

San José (USA), 16. April 2018

"It sucks and blows the Heinzelmann" vacuum cleaner representative Jürgens explains it this way mother Hoppenstedt in a legendary Sketch from Loriot. Sort of the automotive equivalent of the brownie's is now coming from Silicon Valley. And of the company Tropos in the Form of the Able Sweep.

Small but practical

The Tropos Motors, based in San Jose, deals with small electric vehicles, so-called eCUVs ("electric Commercial Utility Vehicles"). Customer forces, construction companies or agriculture. For delivery services and the use in large companies, the Tropos vehicles are suitable sites.

Suction-king, Mini-turning circle

On the Basis of the Able eCUV Able Sweep, a small mobile vacuum cleaner was now on four wheels. His task is to clean the streets and road edges, and blast. The gap in the market not well-founded Tropos, in the USA, usually on large Pick-ups mounted vacuum cleaner anywhere, and small ride-on machines are too weak. Plus points of the electrically driven, Able Sweeper than comparable vehicles by 70 percent reduced volume and the Mini-circle of only 3.80 meters turning. Also it is not strength that is lacking, a whopping of 1,050 Newton meters of torque to the rear axle. The payload is 500 kg, up to 64 km/h, the Able Sweeper can be quickly. Using the so-called "Easy Swap"feature structures can be quickly changed.(rh)