Small SUV, big V8

Stuttgart, 5 April 2017

That he would come, had announced for months. Now that he is here, you have to swallow yet pretty. Say hello to the new Mercedes-AMG GLC 63. Both SUV and Coupé form, of course. Looks fierce? Is also intense. In principle an SUV has been indeed quite crazy c 63. Enriched with various beautiful components of the much crazier E 63. Yes, AMG bought us hereby 476 HP and 650 Newton metres (GLC 63) or 510 HP and 700 nm (GLC 63 S), packaged in a manageable large SUV. Porsche Macan, BMW X 3, Jaguar F-pace and Alfa Stelvio, attracts warm you.

Extreme performance

Mercedes-AMG promises us the only car in the segment with twin-turbo V8. And pretty outrageous performance: the GLC 63 S has a 0-100 km/h value of 3.8 seconds, the GLC 63 aims to create the standard Sprint in 4.0 seconds. The maximum speed is fixed at 250 km/h. The fully variable four-wheel-drive system takes over the insane GLC by the new E 63. There the 4Matic + debuted-system and delivered an impressive and pleasant rear performance right. The nine-speed Speedshift automatic transmission with wet start-up clutch, as well as a large part of the wider rear axle come also from the big brother E 63rd front there is a massively revised four-link axle. The standard three-Chamber air suspension was also on athleticism and optimized. It is adjustable regardless of the normal modes of the GLC 63, concerned with engine throttle response, steering, transmission and co. in three modes. Which there are four, namely comfort, sport, sport plus and individual. Choose 63 S the GLC, get even a fifth mode called race added. This is crucial when a two-ton SUV.

A daring Grill

If you are wondering why the front of the new GLC 63 looks so funny, it is probably because of Panamericana grilled over has moved all its massiveness (with lots of vertical struts) by AMG GT super sports cars. Furthermore indicated Daimler's new high-performance SUV to drawn down deeper side skirts, wider wheel siding and a very impressive rear diffuser and four tailpipes. As always very much noise should escape from the latter. Especially if you opt for the optional performance exhaust system.

S version with more features

Compared to the normal GLC 63 the GLC does not receive 63 S just more performance, but also larger wheels with wider tires (maximum can I by the way 21-incher order), a brake with 30 millimeter larger glass and an electronic rear limited slip differential instead of a mechanical. Both the SUV and Coupé are as S version.

Market launch in the September 2017

His debut is the new Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 on the New York Motor Show 2017 (14 to 23 April). Can be ordered from June 2017, the launch takes place in September. Mercedes makes the prices still no information, with access to the 80,000 euro should be expected but. As always, there will be a very well-appointed Edition-1 variant of the GLC 63. For lovers of high-performance SUV has dawned an exciting time. In addition to the over-GLC we expect in the near future also the 510 PS of strong Alfa Stelvio Quadrifoglio, the Jaguar F-pace SVR with over 550 HP and later a first M version of the new BMW X 3. (black & white)