Skoda brings the Kodiaq RS

Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic), 14. June 2018

Have you always dreamed of, to boards with a seven-seater SUV on the Nordschleife of the nürburgring? Soon this Vision will become a reality: the curtain rises on the new Skoda Kodiaq RS!

Premiere in October 2018

The Czech brand presents the Kodiaq RS, although officially until the beginning of October 2018 at the auto salon in Paris, but the 4.70 Meter long SUV has been chased, now on the Nordschleife. At the helm: none other than the "Queen of the nürburgring" Sabine Schmitz. The long-standing driver of the Ring taxi, according to his own statement, more than 30,000 laps on the Nordschleife. Now a added: In 9:29,84 minutes, beat Schmitz in the Kodiaq RS on the Ring, According to Skoda, a new lap record for seven-seat SUVs.

Double-charged Diesel

Schmitz himself speaks of the Skoda Kodiaq RS "makes the track really fun". Responsible for, among other things, a two-liter Biturbo Diesel engine with 239 HP of power. Connoisseurs know: This aggregate is also used in the VW Passat and Arteon, there is 500 Newton meters as maximum torque. The exhaust gas cleaning takes over an SCR catalyst. The Kodiaq RS is not only the only way to get in the Kodiaq the big Diesel, but also more generally in the case of Skoda: The Superb, the BiTDI is not offered. Other ingredients of the Kodiaq RS of the "Dynamic Sound Boost" for better sound, the adaptive DCC suspension and progressive steering.(rh)