Show Alfa Romeo Stelvia Giorgio and the high Giulia

Giorgio and the high Giulia

Alfa Romeo is based on Giorgio. On the platform of this name a number of vehicles now want to build the Italians with the great tradition. The first with the new and special architecture of Alfa was the Giulia, which has put a remarkable good start in the market and in the heart of old and new Alfisti. Now follows the first SUV in the history of the brand, which was previously only for sports cars and sports sedans: the Alfa Romeo Stelvio - Giulia a 1.67 meters high.

The temptation is great to cancel the idea of Stelvia already at this point. Because the material seems quickly said: it's an Alfa, which some left crying and properties which are now experiencing a Renaissance. Outside the typical red dominates our copy for the first test runs through the Alps of course. So everything is alright. Even the face is unmistakably an Alfa Romeos. The sides and the rear fade, however, rather.

Inside, the Stelvio is fully committed to the Giulia. Design, black operation are the same - only with greater headroom and a trunk of 525 litres, which can be enlarged to approximately 1600 liters. Alfa feeling arises also when driving: direct steering, very little rock, 50:50 axle load distribution, spontaneously responsive engines, which not modestly conceal their performance.

At this point, we now but will inevitably come to the details. Because to start on March 16 the Stelvio only with two motors to the election will be - a 280-Horsepower gasoline engine and a 210-Horsepower diesel engine, both four-cylinder. The Stelvio 2.2 diesel in the higher Ausstattungsvariant Super starts at 47 500 euros, the Stelvio 2.0 Turbo Super costing from 49 000 euro. He creates the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds. To a 200-Horsepower gasoline engine and a 180-Horsepower diesel come later in the future, will be offered only as a mainstay. It nourishes the hope that it could offer a Stelvio on this base just under 40 000 euros.

The electronically controlled four-wheel drive Q4, the eight automatic converter transmissions by ZF, the Alfa DNA driving dynamics control, the electrically operated tailgate, 18-inch alloy wheels, the infotainment system includes standard equipment both Alfa connect with 6.5-inch display, audio system, sporty cut seats in leather / fabric combination and a real down headtube leather steering wheel as well as solid, but for that long and conspicuous switch paddle in Matt aluminium.

Also front and rear, and a lane containing the collision warning with autonomous emergency braking and pedestrian detection, light and rain sensor, parking sensors are included in the series. The latter should stop apparently the new Alfisti curves cutting. Because we failed to disconnect a hum sound when crossing a line without blinking. And the noise is annoying. An experienced colleague could not allocate it. He said it sounds like the grunts of Hippo.

The entry the Giulia was done from the top under the classic Alfa top brand Quadrifoglio with 510 HP. Certainly a Stelvio Quadrifoglio will follow later. He will then show the wide stand on the road also visually flared wheel arches and side skirts they already wanted him. Mirror edge to mirror edge of Stelvio measures with 2.16 metres wide more than allowed in the left lane of a highway construction site, works but still rather high as wide.

Not only with its length of 4.69 meters, the Alfa Stelvio BMW maps X 3, Audi Q5 or Jaguar F-pace a. Alfa sees the Stelvio as the rebirth of the brand in the premium segment and is therefore the prices of the competition, even if by under the. That he should be placed near the assembled specialist press now at the presentation of his driving on the Stilfzer yoke, the 2758 metres second highest mountain pass leading from Austria to Italy. There is this Passport "Strada Statale 38 dello Stelvio" explaining sufficiently would name the new Alfa in practice, if the new snow would have prevented us to come only in the vicinity of the Stilfzer yoke.

After all, we now know so much: his four-wheel drive put him into the position to go around the front on slope tangled and Hecktriebler and also back down skidded truck. Such a task would be failed because of an old Alfa. It must be admitted that the new as old Alfsti: the drama before the windshield is from the elevated seating position, with more sensitive steering, the right spin on the DNA switches in push mode via paddles soft switching back automatic transmission, the well dosed brake, the right music from the Harman Kardon system and the appropriate position on the driver-oriented cockpit a special winter sports pleasure. We can tell only about the amount of maximum transverse or longitudinal acceleration. Da Giorgio is must still prove itself under better conditions. (ampnet/SM)