Sexy girls, Hot Rods

Hamburg, 23 September 2015

The combination of cool Ami - car and hot girl is a popular photo opportunity. So it is not surprising that the fan base of the Hamburg photographer Carlos Kella is widening. Now his calendar " Girls & Legendary US - Cars " has already been published for the eighth time, the work week in 2016 includes 53 motifs. You can see next to American classics from the years 1941-1988 and partly much younger models from the pin-up, burlesque and tattoo scene.

Limited to 2016 copies

The 2016er Wall Calendar is 42 times 30.7 centimeters tall and Sway-Books Publishing ( ) ordered for 34,90 Euro. The edition is limited to 2016 pieces, on the title page, there's a sequential number.

Illustrated book was published in May 2015

Carlos Kella brought out in 2007 his first book " Private Arrangements ", published in 2009 the first " Girls & US Cars " calendar. The theme lets the photographer and between years can not shake: In May 2015, it is published the 292-page book " US cars ?? legends with history ", in which 80 different US car rarities from the 30s to 80s are presented in detail . ( hd )