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Geneva ( Switzerland ), March 5, 2015

Without an ultra chic concept car from Infiniti nothing works at international auto shows in general. This is also true for the Geneva Motor Show, where the Japanese show with the study QX30, like a Mercedes GLA looks, one has properly rotated by the style meat grinder. That's right, the QX30 behaves himself to Q30 (which actually is yet to come 2015) as the Mercedes GLA for Mercedes A-Class. Infiniti's first compact series is based on the Baby Benz Nissan precious daughter and one can only guess to quickly come up with these two models in the aisles when you finally want to get really rolling the sale ball.

Design takes off

"Above all, the QX30, friends! ", You want to call Infiniti. Not only because compact crossover just sell like hotcakes, but because the car looks really good with all its edges, curves, angles and trapezoids. And that might even still be the case if the usual show car - Glammer as the 21-inch model or something styled roof rails have fallen victim to the serial red pencil. Infiniti has confirmed that the QX30 will not look much different when he " in the next few years " goes into production. In addition, we freely admits that this is not just to be a off-road heroes. It is more about " a better perspective in city traffic and when parking " as well as " how to deal with bad weather, poor roads and urban traffic. " Say: It is better pure, sitting up and not have to despair if it rains. So far so good.

QX30 well against the end of 2016

Driving the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 competitors should initially take a two-liter turbo petrol engine, which transmits its power through a seven-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels. A Haldex all-wheel but also be available. Inside the QX30 provides an amazingly close to production. If you take something to beautiful brown - black leather away that smells a lot like a finished product. Infiniti plans in the first full year of production of both models approximately 60,000 sales worldwide. 30,000 of which will come from Europe. The Q30 is likely the end of 2015 are the merchants and come later in a " Eau Rouge "-Performanceversion. Beginning of 2016, the sports coupe Q60 follow, then the QX30 is provided. Q30 and QX30 to roll off the line in the English - Nissan Sunderland plant . (sw)