Seat Leon: It costs the facelift

Weiterstadt, 4 November 2016

He is the VW Golf of seat. Not only technically this is true the Leon, but also of its importance in the sale. No model of the Spaniards is popular in Germany. So that it stays that way, there's a face lift with a view to the year 2017. Now it is known what the revised Leon will cost.

Subtle retouching and more technology

Radical changes to the lens remain out. Way to go, because the Leon design is always still presentable. Most changes recognize only the fans connected to the body, most striking is still the larger grille. Optional seat now offers LED headlights, but only for the higher trim levels. The price is between 990 and 1,190 euros. Other new amenities such as the traffic sign recognition, a distance or the new eight inch touch screen and app integration require the handle to the purse.

Basic version only a curly quote

The starting price of the Seat Leon remains unchanged: Let's go 14.990 euros for the three-door SC. With five doors, 15.490 euro are required for the combined ST already 16.640 euros. In return, you get the 1.2 TSI, 86 HP, as well as the very sparse basic equipment without a name. There is no radio or air conditioning, these things can not be ordered also. Only Leon "Reference" has both included, costs already 17.760 euro then but as a three-door model. A plus point of reference: Several engines to choose from is available here.

New: The Leon Xcellence

The Variantendschungel is very lush with lifted Seat Leon. We therefore take a look at interesting equipment and engines: on the "reference", "Style" and "FR", and "Xcellence" rank. The latter equipment is new and award the same with the FR. whilst FR should provide a sporty touch, the Xcellence in the truest sense of the word shines through more chrome. At the popular 150 HP diesel engine, that means: start as a five-door hatchback 25.250 euros (style), 26.850 euro for FR and Xcellence. A change is there in the entry's 1.6 liters. 115 instead of 110 HP, he does now what reward to seat 200 euros more. Let's go now from 22,250 euros.

Strong natural gas surcharge

Those who want to save without diesel, can access TSI Ecomotive to the at least 19.990 Euro 1.0 with 115 HP. Here, various elements come standard, which should reduce consumption to 4.4 litres the average, about special spoiler. The three-cylinder goes but as well as the Leon base model only in the April 2017 in the production. For natural gas fans, seat holds the 110 PS strong 1.4 TGI, but only as a five-door hatchback. Its price: at least 23,100 euro. Which appears worthwhile here with similar facilities almost 2,000 Euro cheaper 1.0 TSI Ecomotive. Also the Leon X-perience shall not be forgotten: the rustic jazzed up and raised by 15 mm scale wagon starts off as a 1.4 TSI with 125 HP at 24.590 euros. Who should miss the super strong Cupra: these variants will be presented until early 2017.

Pre-facelift for budget travellers

You see, the new Leon price list provides the most suitable almost for everyone. Our Tip: The "new" model in the seat Autohaus comes from January 2017. Who has not laid down on an ultimate combination of desire, can help dealers reduce of inventory levels and day registrations. This saves the customer money, he receives no obsolete car, however seat not too changed visually and in particular much of the Leon motors. (rh)