RS: Even stronger, faster

Geneva ( Switzerland ), 10 March 2015

Skoda introduces the new Superb in Geneva. But not only him, almost in the shadow of the flagship is the new Octavia RS 230, the upcoming coronation of the RS series. Currently, the sports models of Skoda with 184 hp diesel or 220 - horsepower gasoline engine can be had. The same engines fueling inter alia, the VW Golf GTI and GTD - cars ?? the latter, there are already 220 hp and a GTI Performance with 230 hp.

Launched in June 2015

Officially Skoda RS 230 is currently a " special", but it should be available from June 2015 as a normal sedan and wagon in the price list. What he is, however, cost is not yet known, the exact specifications and amenities available for Germany are not yet fixed. A 220-hp Octavia RS costs 30,190 euros, the RS 230 could be about 1,200 euros more expensive analogous to the spread between the Golf GTI and GTI performance.

6.7 seconds 100 kph

Not only the two-liter petrol strengthened by ten to 230 horsepower, and peak improved: the RS 230 serial crack first Octavia the magical 250 mark. The standard sprint the 230s improved compared to the slightly weaker model by a tenth to 6.7 seconds in which the manual transmission sedan roars to 100 kph.

Differential lock with multi-plate clutch

A special feature of the RS 230 is the electronically controlled front-axle differential lock, which first comes in this form in a Skoda used. It works differently than the purely via the ESP controlled by lock braking interventions in other RS models, with a multi-plate clutch. She sits between the differential and the right drive axle. The differential lock forwards when cornering engine power as needed up to 100 percent of the outside wheel ?? ie to the place where the most traction is available. As a result, the car is stabilized at slip and vigorously pulled out of the curve.

shiny Black

Even the look of the strongest Octavia show others where the rake depends. Where the normal RS shimmering satin, he may shine: About the black cowl, the exterior mirror housings or the honeycomb lattice of air intakes at the front. The combination also has a black roof rails. Even the 19-inch reflective shine in black, behind the spokes shine forth red brake calipers. And hintendran there are two shiny black sports exhaust tailpipes. For a robust sound silencers have been adjusted. The sedan also has a spoiler on the tailgate, the combination carries the Windglätter as a roof spoiler. Evident is the strongest RS to a larger plaque with a black " v".

Black leather-covered sports seats

In the interior attracts a predominantly black outfit with red accents and shiny black elements on the door panels, steering wheel and center console. The specially shaped, electrically adjustable sports seats are black leather and stitched in red. Also, the three-spoke sport multifunction steering wheel, the gear knob and handbrake handle wear leather coats. The technical equipment includes a factory-timer in the instrument cluster and the driving profile selection with the modes " Normal", " Sport", " Eco" and "Individual" . (HD)