Renault Kaptur: the K question

Moscow (Russia), 30 March 2016

Names are smoke and mirrors. That seems to have thought Renault when his SUV developed exclusively for the Russian market. Namely, the car is called Kaptur. Moment time is some brand experts now put: there is not already a Captur with C? right, but the small entry level SUV in Russia not offered. So, the K question Putin's Empire is decided.

Robust for Russia

What are facts? The Kaptur is one of ten models designed Renault this year for markets outside Europe. He added that in Russia from Sandero instep way, Duster and existing Koleos crossover / SUV range. All of these models are sold there than Renault. Always standard four-wheel drive at the Kaptur built in Moscow is due to the harsh climate of the country. Because not always optimal road, the ground clearance is 20 centimeters, the angle of the slope are at 20 degrees rear front and 31 degrees. In addition a reinforced suspension. The boot volume is specified with 387 to 1,200 litres. Inside, there is a multimedia GPS units with a seven-inch touch screen optional.

Is under the Kaptur the new Dacia Duster?

Visually, the Kaptur reminiscent of an extended version of his brother's with C. Looking at the dimensions reveals that. With 4.33 metres in length the Kaptur between Captur (4.12 meters) and Kadjar (4.45 metres), but offers more wheelbase. He has 2.67 meters exactly as long as the only two centimeters shorter Duster. Uses the Renault an old Dacia platform Kaptur so? It is more likely that he uses the modular group such as all newer vehicles of the brand. Therefore a harbinger of the next Dacia could be the Kaptur apart from the design already Duster. Indications are the model cycle of the Duster (he has since 2010 in the market) and the lying only to one to two centimeter mass of both vehicles. (rh)