Really there: Jaguars first SUV

Frankfurt, September 15, 2015

If Jaguar is presenting a new car, it is most spectacular to wild. If Jaguar releases the first SUV in its history to the world, it is breathtaking. So breathtaking that it must be a world record drive through a 19 meter high looping ever. The tension was great because via Frankfurt opened in time for the world premiere of the sky. But even in the Hessian rain succeeded the coup. The new Jaguar F - Pace slammed confidently through the record - looping and therefore launched ambitious abundant hunting on Porsche Macan, Audi Q5 and Co.

180-380 hp

And the hunt is quite serious: clearly than one is used in a rule, Jaguar mentioned the Porsche Macan. Be better than the generally accepted benchmark in this segment, this is the objective. Addressing is the F - Pace the undertaking in five main variants. There is a 2.0 - liter diesel with 180 hp ( with rear or all-wheel drive and six-speed switch or eight-speed automatic ), a 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo diesel engine with 300 horsepower, a 2.0- liter gasoline engine with 240 hp and a 3.0 - liter supercharged V6 petrol engine with 340 or 380 hp. All versions get stronger, the eight-speed box and four-wheel drive as standard. The top model manages the sprint to 100 km / h in 5.5 seconds.

Little differences to study

Even in flesh and blood of the Jaguar F - Pace is a very chic appearance. He is not really far away from the study C - X17, which was presented at the IAA 2013, and looks a bit as if a Jaguar F-Type crashed into a midsize crossover. There are certainly worse conditions. Apropos: Of course, the F - Pace is not only visually " Will - I - have " car. The space in the rear is loud the British the best in the class and the trunk can hold 650 liters. But all the technology, the Jaguar has invested in its first SUV is at least as noteworthy.

Lighter and stiffer than the Macan

Jaguar now boasts with having taken the lead in terms of aluminum and the body of the F - Pace is 80 percent of the light metal. One third of it is even recycled. The basic F - Pace comes as a weight of 1,665 kilos. By comparison, the Porsche Macan weighs almost 300 kilos more. Although Jags Crossover quite a bit informed the XE and XF sedans, 81 percent of its parts are new. For a ride that Britons deem worthy, and the F - Pace receives the excellent chassis with multi-link integral rear axle and double wishbones at the front. Despite some adjustments for the "hard" off-road use promises Jaguar class top marks for agility and steering response. In addition, the F - Pace should be stiffer by 50 percent than the Macan. Even the new and very impressive electromechanical power steering has been adapted due to the peculiarities of an SUV in order not to dilute the steering feel.

Mainly dynamic

Like all Jags is to have passive or adaptive dampers, the new F - Pace. There is also a configurable dynamic package that takes care of the behavior of the throttle, steering, automatic and dampers. The all-wheel drive operates with torque-on-demand function and a transfer case with oil-cooled multiple-plate clutch. Jaguars on-site intelligent Driveline Dynamics system takes care of the distribution of power. Between 100 percent backwards and 50-50 percent everything is possible. You can also imagine the basis of these values ‚Äč‚Äčthat the journey in the F - Pace goes more into the serpentine than to off-road parking.

Connected as never before

And what is for manufacturers nowadays next one to ten SUVs absolutely essential for survival? Exactly, a reasonable Infotainment and Connectivity tonnes. Jaguar encountered this problem in F-Pace with a rather monumental effort. As in XE and XF there is next to an eight-inch touch screen, the new and exceedingly good InControl Touch Pro with 10.2-inch display, its own WiFi hotspot and connection options for up to eight external devices. In addition, there are four USB ports, plenty of apps and yes, even throughout classical cupholders. Common Family dispute on pesky holiday journeys should be as a thing of the past. And if you do not just lazy lying around on vacation, but maintain the marketing perspective so important active lifestyle, then Jaguar0 has a special treat in store for you: The so-called Activity Key, a shock-and waterproof bracelet opens the F-Pace after kayaking, base-jumping and windsurfing were and you can leave the normal keys in the car.

From 42 390 Euro

The Jaguar1 F - Pace can be ordered immediately and will be rolling in the spring of 2016 to the dealers. Let's go with the 180-hp R - Pace 20d " Pure " with manual transmission and rear-wheel drive for 42 390 Euro. The provisional top model is the F - Pace S AWD " First Edition " with 380 hp for 84,350 euros . ( sw )