Ready for a Rasta - ration

Schwalbach, September 23, 2015

Granted, the pun with " Rasta - ration " is pretty stupid. But what can you do when it just fits so damn good? Land Rovers Jamaican distributor ATL Automotive has unearthed the old Defender of reggae legend Bob Marley and helped the cult vehicle of the Rastafari cult to its former glory. That was evidently not so easy, because, according to Land Rover statement, the Series III pick-up in 1977 was " in a pitiful state: cannibalized without motor and left to his fate some time ago ".

Two years of work

That will probably be the reason why the " Rasta - ration " (oops, there it was again ) all took two years to complete. Each screw and every single part they had taken in hand, says Land Rover. Spares you have concern around the world ?? the engine was brought from Ethiopia for example ?? or if it would not have been possible otherwise, made ​​sometimes even by hand. Even the Marley family were involved in the revival of the prominent wheel - war veteran. Bob Marley 's eldest daughter Cedella, their character designer, the Defender - sided stalls fittingly with green-red-yellow leather upholstery.

From the museum

Bob Marley matt blue Defender 's future to be admired in the 56 Hope Road in Kingston Jamaica capital. There is the former home of the icon, which has now changed for the Bob Marley Museum. ATL Automotive CEO Adam Stewart thinks about the lavish reconstruction: " Bob has the reputation of our nation tremendously increased ?? why we see it as a gift to him that we were able to help his Land Rover to its former glory a special honor was there. for us to work with the entire family Marley. Bob's daughter Cedella has given the car the special Marley touch. and we are sure that this appearance would also like her father. " ( sw )