Pre - premiere in the desert

Schwalbach, 13 November 2014

Jaguar would also be able to issue a rather dry press release. It would then only confessed that soon a four-wheel version of the F-Type R Coupe comes to market. Better reads this rather special fact in connection with a spectacular world record - hunting. So the British organized a collaboration with the team that will soon improve the record for the fastest land vehicle. The all-wheel - Jaguar is far too slow for the record ?? he manages just 300 km / h. But he helped to test the driver's wireless connection in advance.

Mach 1.3 in sight

The speed record for land vehicles is currently held by Andy Green. He arrived in October 1997 at the wheel of Thrust SSC in the American Black Rock Desert ( Nevada ) 1227.985 km / h. This corresponds to Mach 1.016, which means supersonic speed. Now the pilot of the Royal Air Force would like the new Bloodhound SSC beat his own record and 2016 the mark of 1,000 miles per hour away ( about 1,600 km / h or Mach 1.3 ). Two superimposed " engines " ?? a rocket and a turbofan engine from the Euro Fighter ?? to help.

Jaguar fighter jet and race each other

For the record attempt, the radio link between the driver and the " ground crew " is important. This has now been tested in the South African Hakskeen Pan, a dried up lake near the border with Botswana and Namibia. For this, the Jaguar and a military jet with the communication system of the Bloodhound SSC feature. Then the jet rest at low altitude 15 meters above the ground with more than 800 km / h top speed of the F-Type with 300 to each other. Adds up to 1100 km / h ?? a pace that already comes quite close to the targeted record speed. The wireless connection worked perfectly.

Presentation in Los Angeles

Officially, the new AWD model at the LA Auto Show ( 21 to 30 November 2014) presents. It is likely the same, 550-hp V8 under the hood have as the rear-wheel drive. Compared to this version, the Sprint value improved by a tenth of a second to 4.1 seconds, top speed is the same. For the other data and perhaps also the price you will probably learn to Mass more. The F-Type R coupe will cost 103,700 euros, with all-wheel drive, the car could be set at 108,000 euros. By comparison, the still 20 hp stronger and also equipped with all-wheel drive Porsche 911 Turbo is to have only from 165 149 euros. He manages the pace - 100 - sprint course, also in 3.4 seconds. ( sl )