Power to the smarter

Nardo (Italy), 24 February 2017

I can now start with "Porsche makes electric-serious" or but first read this anywhere else including "Frontal assault on Tesla", and secondly it sounds pretty stupid. What sounds significantly less stupid for me at least is that Porsche has a pretty on the wafer. That was my first thought to the new Panamera Turbo S E-hybrid, and is consistently positive. Or something better you think maybe to send electric motor in the crate for the absurd glorious idea, the 550-Horsepower Twin-Turbo V8 of the Panamera Turbo with a 136 Horsepower? Yes, Zuffenhausen, sends a message and makes a plug-in hybrid actually the top model of its flagship series. Now a small handful of media representatives the spectacle of E before the official premiere at the Geneva Motor Show was allowed to lead himself for the first time from the passenger seat to heart. I was fortunately and will tell you in the episode, "Performance leader in the plug-in hybrid-luxury-sedan-segment" how the new breath get air feels so. Oh yes, so much time front gone: If you are like to quite literally take your breath away, then you should consider this vehicle into consideration. It is in fact pretty good up front.

Electric - sledge hammer

First once but the hard facts. You are after all quite. In the discussions with various Porsche executives I could hear out again and again that they were not completely happy with the rather mild hybrid strategy at the predecessor Panamera or the still current Cayenne. According to the motto: Efficiency is definitely welcome, but really to the clientele of the hybrid to convince, the performance component for a company like Porsche was essential. Say: Electrification not only because of an added value in terms of consumption, but above all because of an added value in terms of umph. A green conscience is finally right again so much fun with a neat kick in the cross. Where the journey goes, one could guess 4 E-hybrid with 463 PS already in the recently introduced Panamera. Well, and now, now Porsche get E-hybrid just the big electric sledge hammer with the new Turbo S and combined the 4 E-hybrid electric powertrain with the known relentless 4.0-liter Twin-Turbo V8 of the Panamera Turbo.

130 HP and 260 kg more

550 HP and 770 nm from the incinerator and 136 HP and 400 Newton metres from the electric motor to a system capacity of 680 HP and 850 nm. Over an eight-speed double clutch (six "normal" course, two Overdrive gears) is the whole oomph at all four wheels. The electrical Setup including 14.1 kWh battery, cabling and peripherals is 4 E-hybrid in principle identical with the Panamera. Only the transmission had to be adapted for the higher torque values. All in all increases the weight of the Panamera Turbo to about 260 kilos (127 kilos go on the account of the batteries), which the Turbo S E-hybrid ultimately in SUV eyelets hitting 2.35 tons. After all: Thanks to the battery arrangement under the trunk weight distribution improved percent to two near-perfect 52:48. Well, and as you probably guess, also the performance are not damaged. On the contrary: from 0-100 km/h, the Turbo escalated S E-hybrid in 3.4 seconds (Panamera Turbo: 3.6 seconds), 0-200 km/h, he takes off even more than a second the normal Turbo with 11.7 seconds. Who already had the pleasure with this top petrol engine may have briefly to do it with fear.

A whole corner more violent than in the Turbo

That number with the anxiety is justified, I get only a short time later on the handling course in nardo (where else should this car be imagined). My driver Timo Bernhard performs a perfect launch control start on its almost ridiculous balancing out my internal organs look at first new staging points for entry into the hybrid madness. I tried really to be at quite a bit, a little by surprise, the Panamera Turbo S has me E-hybrid but still. It could be because that from 0 RPM pull very many of the 850 Newton meters at the pitiful axes. The complete torque available is available from 1,400 to 6,000 tours. It feels harder indeed still a whole corner as in the Panamera Turbo and a pretty sexy affair is suddenly so a plug-in Powertrain hybrid.

In the curve, you notice the weight

Timo throws the axe under the E sedan with good 200 km/h in the first long links and animal is pleased about the balance, confidence, as well as all the grip and Monster urge from the curve out. The man must know, he was but by 2015 on the Porsche 919 hybrid drivers world champion of the FIA endurance World Championship. The pace in the curves is amazingly high and the barbaric thrust from the peak each time on the new one quite a sensation. How much of the extra electrical boost concealed the quarter ton extra ballast is already quite difficult to grasp. In the curve, you can tell then but, like the Turbo S E-hybrid with the pounds has struggled. Porsche photoshopt the hybrid Bacon with all kinds of standard driving dynamics goodies such as the three Chamber air chassis with Porsche Active suspension management (PASM), active roll stabilization (PDCC sports) or the torque vectoring plus so well it goes away, but here still hold a five-metre vessel with a wedge driving batteries under the butt. And in order for all Porsche-Ness but please stay also luxury sedan. Say: Staggers on the track, tends, and it pushes a little, but it remains always comfortable in sport plus mode.

Slug in the stomach at 250 km/h

Now I'm almost sure that Porsche with a 2.35 plug-in hybrids of tons of can burn a ludicrous lap time in the North loop tar (and probably will). But most impressive of the Panamera has left Turbo S E-hybrid as before, if you simply press the accelerator through the floor mat. You see, now we have arrived at the famous nardo high speed oval. This time, I lümmle in the rear and can watch comfortably on the tablet in front of me the adventurous increasing speeds me. Porsche test driver Lars Kern (holds) faster, like nothing on 200 km/h the Panamera lap record on the Nordschleife with 7:28 minutes, skin the brush at 215 km/h again correctly in the plate and even now you can feel even the famous butterflies in the stomach area. The oscillator keeps approximately 270, then it continues fairly stringently tacho 316. This is all really really fine. Above all, because the car it so insanely easy. While Lars distracts us with about 200 miles per hour through this twelve kilometre duration curve, crack jokes and the "great sea views over there" refers, do I feel in the rear of all the high speed Theatre as well as anything. Really very impressive, this beautiful new hybrid world (Lars also, super type).

If, then here

Remains the big question whether it really needs the whole hybrid clutter. Yes, you may think a 462-HP hybrid should actually be enough. But where the Panamera rather speaks to the inner accountant 4 E-hybrid, the Turbo S pick up E-hybrid full also the own, asphalt crushing adrenaline junkie. I would not say: in any case, it needs that Porsche has the technique at the latest since the glorious 918 Spyder it and where does an admittedly still quite weighty electrification of part of are currently more sense than in a luxury sports sedan like the Panamera. Here, the sacrificing of lateral Dynamics caused by the extra weight are not as important as with a purebred sports car. Here, you pick people who can afford it and want to be a technology pioneer. And these people not only pleased that an additional electric motor is likely significantly extend the (monitoring) life time of this great (and rather wonderful-sounding) V8 engine. I mean: of course the 2.9 liter standard consumption in reality is almost gibberish, but in everyday life you should be able to move with quite well this monster to the eight to ten litres. With a conventional, strong glow in an imaginary Panamera Turbo S (excluding E-hybrid) would be about 600 HP the utopia. And purely on electricity he could not drive up to 50 kilometres.

From 185.736 euro

Let's just hope that Porsches new performance-hybrid courage is rewarded. There isn't a comparable hybrid of silent surrender precious litter and capital röhrendem V8 Bloodhound at the moment:. This is the fastest and most powerful plug-in hybrid world. And even though straight still a little sick pushes the electric Tesla model S P100D, it has left in terms of driving dynamics and quality clearly. Market launch for the Panamera S hybrid is Turbo S in the July 2017. Rates start at 185.736 euro. The long version of "Executive" with standard rear axle steering starts at 199.183 euros. The price premium for the neon-green plate is so nearly 32,000 euros. Minus the extra facilities compared to the Panamera Turbo (including ceramic brakes, 21-inch wheels, PDCC, sport Chrono package and stationary air conditioning) remains an electric surcharge of about 13,000 euros. (black & white)