Porsche is combined

Stuttgart, February 5, 2016

Nothing more from the car can actually throw the classic Porsche enthusiasts. 911 Carrera has survived two SUVs, hybridization, and even the charge of the sanctuary. Now it will be but again quite hard that Porsche will build a station wagon in the near future. Yes, exactly: family holiday, DIY, Golden Retriever, Zuffenhausen based sport Turismo concept is located on the admittedly quite successful Panamera by the Paris Auto Salon 2012. And that it can take too long to prove our recent Erlkönig images. You show a wide professional mobile prototype is tested with a test vehicle of the normal second generation of Panamera. That makes it relatively easy to distinguish.

The customer requires

The basic form strongly reminds that of the Panamera sport Turismo concept. Final details are due to the cover but still not. The four angular exhaust only reveal that it is probably the strong Turbo Variant. As you can see, this prototype has uniquely combined proportions. But of course, Porsche don't want that combination is called this car. We even suspect that it will result in Panamera shooting brake or Panamera Gran Turismo. The evaluation of customer feedback is apparently responsible for the future combined formation of the Porsche flagship. Panamera holder wish you therefore more space for luggage.

New platform, new V8

The second generation of the Porsche Panamera will be slightly larger than the current. In addition, it will be the first car using Volkswagen New MSB platform for large cars with front engine and rear - or all-wheel drive. Various new Bentley should come also benefit from this platform. The advantages are obvious lower weight and compatibility with electric drives. The Panamera engines's current portfolio is likely to remain largely intact, but also fix some new additions under the hood. So the Turbo versions (possibly also the GTS) should benefit from a new V8, who probably has less displacement (currently 4.4 litres) with at least the same performance. There will be also a plug-in hybrid. Optimized battery technology should provide more coverage and significantly less weight.

Is also a Coupé?

Without any risk with the Panamera "Combi" is not the story however. We recall in this context briefly Mercedes-Benz and its CLS shooting brake, which will be sent with the expiry of the current generation probably due to lack of market success in the happy hunting grounds. One reason is certainly the sustained SUV boom, which more and more is the only attractive market for large, expensive station wagons in Europe. Be it as it may, Porsche is his thoughts have become, how you can position a more spacious branch as part of a whole family of the Panamera. These could include also a Coupé of the wonderful 928-style in the future. The premiere of the second generation of the Porsche Panamera is expected for the Paris Motor Show in autumn 2016. The Panamera shooting brake is likely to follow shortly thereafter. (black & white)