Performance Mazda CX-5 old friend newly dressed up

Newly dressed age friend

Japanese love the harmony, and therefore sudden direction changes are not necessarily its thing. If they have once defined their principles, they remain loyal to long. Therefore, Kodo and Jinba Ittai, which somehow sounds like a far Eastern martial art elements, are binding for Mazda sizes, whereby the manufacturer developed his models. Five years ago, the first representative of the Kodo design philosophy was the Mazda CX-5, which now starts with the second-generation model on the market.

Kodo means as much as the 'soul of motion', and in fact seem to be constantly changing the forms of crossover. Today, all models have these flowing forms. Jitta Ittai in turn stands for the fusion of driver and car to a unit which is obviously also as perceived by the customers, because the Mazda CX-5 is available today for a quarter of all Mazda sales.

Now comes the replacement, and that shows how you can renew design without major interventions. The new Mazda CX-5 is much more athletic than its predecessor, with new forms in the front design in the eye. The design team in Hiroshima managed the feat to develop a body of no part was taken over by the predecessor, but nevertheless familiar acting on first glance.

Subtly developed the Interior of Mazda CX-5

© MazdaMazda CX-5. In the interior makes everything at first glance a popular impression, but also cause a new image retouching. The changes to the stalls, offering now more comfort and support are not subtle. The cockpit has been thoroughly cleaned up and dominated by a redesigned seven-inch touch-sensitive screen, as well as the two ventilation nozzles. The analog instruments inform the creative Department of the temptation to distribute here too many switches in the steering wheel the driver again standing at the predecessor to the most important data, and in contrast to some competitors. The world is ergonomic in the CX-5 in order, and the CX-5 customers will welcome a new switch but in any case. Finally, the rear door from the inside can be opened electrically. Otherwise, press the remote control in the key moves the flap to open.

Once in motion reflected the CX-5 from its pleasant side. The comfortable balance between damping and suspension offers a pleasant driving experience, which however no short successive grooves in the road should come to the compact SUV are slightly allergic. In addition, the Mazda CX-5 is no Dynamicist, but a representative of the well-kept and allowed exit. The developers enjoyed much fine work noise reduction, what is not least reflected in significantly improved acoustic values thanks to the air resistance reduced by six percent and other measures connected to the body. Still strong noise and booming frequencies disrupted the comfort impression with its predecessor the new Mazda CX-5 from a pleasantly quiet side shows.

© MazdaMazda CX-5. To drive the Japanese getting into the market offer two two liter gasoline engine and three 2.2-liter diesel, which between 110 kW / 150 HP and 129 kW / 175 HP afford. In the course of the year, still a 2.5 liter four-cylinder with cylinder shut-off will increase the Otto Group. The final performance data are not fixed yet. Motors developed according to the Skyactiv principle developed by Mazda rely for power transmission on manual or automatically switching six-speed transmission. Compared to the competition, sounds a not necessarily compelling, six transmissions of automatic but shuts the converter transmission precision and is well tailored to the range of the motors. The gasoline engines is a new calibration for use adjusting the switching behaviour of the speed, accelerator pedal position and engine speed. With the exception of the front-wheel drive versions of the base, the Mazda CX-5 as all cyclists comes to the customers.

In the Mazda0 CX-5 securely around each curve with G-vectoring control

Is reflected in everyday life with the 121 kW / 165 HP strong two liter gasoline engine motorized Mazda1 CX-5 by his gentle side. Also aligned curves passages bring the 1.5-tonne truck from the rest, which also the so-called G-vectoring control. The driving dynamics control standard on all engines assists the driver by intervenes at the turn into the corner and reduced so the torque acting on the front wheels. Due to the additional weight on the front axle, steering and traction will improve. The steering angle remains the same, the torque is increased again, the burden is shifted to the rear wheels and the CX-5 rolls stabilized through the curve. The driver oblivious of and enjoys his sporty driving style at most.

The Skyactiv technology, Mazda2 promises a consumption of 6.4 liters, which did not reach first test drives. But also the eight to nine measured depending on the driving style can be quite litres. Especially invite the engines to a licensed driving. Speed 100 km/h remains the tachometer at around 2000 RPM. Step on the gas pedal mutates the SUV to the sports car, but still provides a quite ambitious driving style.

© MazdaMazda CX-5. In the Department of assistance systems, Mazda3 has equipped his bestseller with a whole battery of utilities. These include among other things a city emergency brake assist, traffic sign recognition, and a storage Wizard, which when turned on cruise control with radar-based distance emotion decelerates the CX-5 behind a traffic jam up to the stop and stop, until again movement in the snake comes under the General term of i Activesens. However, the continue of the driver must be enabled, otherwise he will be prompted via an acoustic warning to follow the Pack of them rushing.

Mazda4 delivers the CX-5 in the four trim levels Prime, Center, exclusive, and sports, where already the basic version is very well equipped and has among other things about the city emergency brake assist, as well as cruise control. Center still a climate control is added, and the exclusive line offers Additionally a DAB radio tuner, low help, and seat heating front. Top model is the Mazda5 CX-5 in the sports-line, which in addition to the active track holding Wizard still has the power liftgate, the Mazda6 navigation system and a Bose sound system. (ampnet/ww)

Technical data Mazda7 CX-5 Skyactiv G 165

Length x width x height (m): 4.55 x 1.84 x 1.68 wheelbase (m): 2.70 motor: R4 petrol, 1998 CC, direct injection power: 121 kW / 165 HP at 6000 RPM Max torque: 210 NM at 4000 rpm speed: 201 km/h acceleration 0 to 100 km/h: 10.4 sec ECE average consumption: 6.8 liter efficiency class: C CO2 emissions: 149 g / km (Euro 6) unladen weight / load : Max load min. 1420 kg / max 660 kg luggage capacity: 506-1620 l: 1800 kg turning circle: 12 m tyres: 225/65 R 17 / 225/55 R10 air resistance Beiwert: K.a.. base price: 24 990 euro