Performance and luxury for the top model

Schwalbach, March 30, 2015

On the London Motor Show in 1993 for the first time Autobiography concept for Land Rover vehicles to the public was presented ?? more than a year later, the first luxury models were sold. For the model 2016 Land Rover unveiled at the New York International Auto Show 2015 ( April 3 to 12 ), the new top version of its flagship, the Range Rover SVAutobiography.

Cautious appearance from the outside

Like all previous models will also be the new Range Rover SVAutobiography pure luxury on wheels. From the outside, the top model can only behave the top position in the Land Rover team announced. The body is painted in two colors and can also be ordered with a "normal " and with an extended wheelbase. The Range Rover lettering on the hood got a new design, a SVAutobiography emblem on the tailgate and a new grille and more round mark.

Handcrafted details in the interior

The interior is home to handcrafted details such as rotary switches, the border of the start-stop button or the pedals, which were all made from aluminum with knurled ornaments. In addition, especially leather and wood come for the interior fittings are used. Rear passengers also expect including a refrigerator or electrically retractable tables. Even the floor is full with seat rail aluminum covers and carpets made ​​of mohair only seems like quality.

Luggage compartment with extra luxury

But not only the passenger, but also the luggage compartment of the Range Rover SVAutobiography was decorated with fine luxury and comfort features. Thus, the new top version has requested an extendable luggage compartment floor made of aluminum and wood decor. Furthermore, a so-called "Event Seating " solution available. This is additional seating in the rear of the vehicle. Normally they are stowed in the trunk ?? if necessary, they can be open and build towards a seat on the lower part of the tailgate.

Revised eight-chamber cardiac

The terrain Lord can also be equipped with a princely engine: The new peak aggregate for the premium version is a 550-hp supercharged V8. The five-liter engine delivers up to 680 Nm. The heart of the British is connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The combined fuel consumption of 13.1 liters, the manufacturer of 100 kilometers. In addition to the 5.0 - liter supercharged V8, the new Range Rover SVAutobiography in Germany can be combined with other engines. Are possible, among other things already known engines. These include the V6 diesel hybrid with 340 hp or the 4.4-liter V8 diesel with 339 hp. Prices are not yet known . (ml)