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Frankfurt am Main, 14 November 2016

What are you thinking with views of iconic Fiat models? Determined on the 500 and other short goods such as 850, 126, United Nations or Panda. But a Roadster was as much to the legend, that he has now undergone a retro remake. There is talk of the Fiat 124 spider. Now he is 50 years old.

Premiere in Turin

Flashback to the year 1966: at the time counted in November to the exhibition highlights the Turin auto show, after all, he was the home match of the Fiat group. Differently than it is today the Fiat model range of years covered everything the entire spectrum from the tiny city cars through the upper class to commercial vehicles. Already in the spring of 1966 Fiat had the new 124 sedan presented later as "Lada" should last for decades. Turin added 124-offer with the station wagon version of "Family" and the 124 Sport Spider.

Form from famous House

Pininfarina was responsible for the design of 3.97 meters long 124 Sport Spider Roadster was six centimeters shorter than the sedan. Long before there was talk of modular systems, the technique of the sedan, including the rear-wheel drive used the open 124. But the sport had to justify its extra cost by around one third compared to the staid brother spider. Therefore, there was a more noble cockpit with tachometer and an oil pressure gauge as well as wood coverings in the Interior. Also the 1.4 litre engine was spiced up. Two overhead camshafts for 90 HP and a peak of 170 km/h during a five-speed transmission was always standard.

Hot iron of Abarth

By the way, the eternal rival of Fiat was presented also in 1966 with the Alfa Romeo 124 spider spider. 109 HP, it brought the first Alfa Spider. What no one could have imagined at this time: it should be built even longer as the Fiat. Both models were very popular in the United States, the 124 spider started there in 1968. A year later there was a new honeycomb grille, in the program became in addition a 1.6-liter engine with 110 HP. In 1972, 108 and 118 PS strong units from the new Fiat 132 replaced the previous engines. Right it has been hot as of September of the year: Abarth had a homologation model of the 124 spider for the Group 4 of WRC developed, in which 128 PS raged out of control. The black hood was a token of recognition.

A car with Pininfarina logo

Black times broke up in the 1970s for convertibles and roadsters. Always tougher safety regulations were wiped out many models. Not so the Fiat 124 spider, won in 1978 two-litre capacity 100 HP. In the United States, the 87 HP car was castrated, bulky bumper not really improved the appearance of. Fiat 124 spider of the official program took it in the fall of 1982. The death? Not at all! Now, Pininfarina built the model as "Spider Europe" under its own brand name, the sales took place through the Fiat dealer. The "Volumex offered since 1983" compressor with 136 PS performance was remarkable. After a total of around 200,000 vehicles built, of which 75 percent in the United States went, the final was in 1985.

Return after three decades

Exactly 30 years Fiat for the comeback of the 124 Spider had time. Mazda has made it possible: the new MX-5 should be the basis for an Alfa Spider, in the Fiat Group (now FCA) opted to change the course. So, a new 124 spider, its design shows clear retro bonds 2015 debuted in Los Angeles. Technically, the Roadster differs mainly by its turbo engines of the otherwise largely identical MX-5.

Special Edition for the anniversary

A special edition of the new edition reminds of the close relationship between Fiat and Pininfarina at the old 124 spider now. It's called "Spider America" and references the 1980s Pininfarina spiders with a bronze finish. The Interior is lined with brown leather, a navigation system and a rear view camera on board are equipped as standard. Under the hood work 140 HP. Prices start at 31.990 euro, with automatic transmission, 33.890 euro are due. (rh)