Opel Insignia Tourer 2.0 SIDI Turbo Country The new LandLust

The new LandLust

Insignia? Is not the sound, but also rather plain middle class of Opel? Yes - and no, if one opts for the " adventure " version Country Tourer.

Who wants to give a shot in his everyday life wildness is welcome to take an SUV. If that is already too much of the adventure, the choice has in recent years increasingly between easy " verländlichten " versions of successful mid-range vehicles. The VW Passat Alltrack then heißten, Subaru Outback or just Opel Insignia Tourer Country. These models have in common is a slight suspension lift the body, a few robust-looking attachments and of course a four-wheel drive. Even rarer than the booming sport utility vehicle seen such vehicles in reality, however, forest trails or even easy terrain. We therefore thought it only logical not to order our test car Country Tourer with one of the two available diesel engines, but to go straight to the comfortable Turbo petrol engine.

This drive is an aggregate of the 2.0-liter class, but thanks equipped with forced ventilation proud 250 HP. An engine that is not very fit for the suggested name of Opel in country pleasure, but for sovereign sliding and spurts on the highway.

A mile-eater, the Insignia Tourer Country is thus quite. And this is mainly because it 's just a Insignia. Means: Great seats with AGR seal of approval, no additional charge for the driver and for well-designed 300 € during passenger, an excellently tuned between comfort and dynamic suspension and a comfortable interior. The all-wheel drive distributes power not only between the axles, but also between the rear wheels. The wheel with the better traction receives more torque allocated, what is to enhance the stability around in corners. The all-wheel drive there are also the normal to buy Insiginia. Why, then, ever take a Country Tourer? Actually, there are only two reasons: One like the rustic look and / or the slightly higher seating position.

© Opel Opel Insignia Tourer Country   What you also get in the Country Tourer, are the problems associated with the facelift last fall improvements that relate primarily to the operation in the interior. Fewer buttons and switches as well as an improved infotainment system should eliminate the operation chaos in the old models. However: Really self explanatory and clearly we found the service still does not - but added much better than before. People who go for the first time in an Opel could, however, as many - feel quite self-contained solution - let's say diplomatically. Otherwise, leaving the materials and the processing of an impeccable impression.

The Country Tourer is indeed a cluster and therefore he has the normal Insignia Sports Tourer ( just the station wagon) also adopted its charging properties. The Opel mid-size class is not a space saver. With 540 liters of cargo space, be increased by folding down the rear seat backs up to 1,530 liters, however life is good in most cases transport. For a family of four on four weeks of camping holidays - if there still is such a thing - could be close to the place, however. On the rear seats.

As with almost all German manufacturers are unfortunately also at Opel uses many features that make everyday life more pleasant incur additional charges. For example, the retractable luggage compartment floor FlexFloor (700 euros ), the panoramic roof ( 1,200 euros ), a power liftgate (450 euros ), the folding exterior mirrors (170 euros ), the parking assistant ( 695 euros ) and of course, the navigation system ( 1,200 Euro ). Let's look at it this way: instead of around 38,500, you should allow at least 45,000 euros for an adequately Country Tourer - before the often quite lush emergent trade discount, of course.

The Opel Insignia Tourer Country is ultimately something of a socially acceptable version of the decried as SUV gas-guzzlers. At least with our test car and the selected engine this would be an undeserved positive image. Because of the strong gasoline consumption in everyday life can bring only trouble with less than ten liters. The one can still perceive as appropriate given the power and vehicle weight of 1,850 kilograms. For a car that makes the townspeople for their own personal LandLust, however, it is then but a too strong drink from the bottle. But Opel has indeed two diesel for the Country Tourer on offer, of which the smaller is to make do with 2.0 liters and 163 horsepower with 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers. What then again would be ecologically reasonably correct.

Opel Insignia Tourer 2.0 Country SIDI Turbo - Specifications:

Five-door, five-seat midsize sedan, Length: 4.92 meters Width: 1.86 meters ( 2.08 meters with exterior mirrors ) Height: 1.53 meters Wheelbase: 2.74 meters Boot capacity: 540-1530 liters   2.0 - liter turbo gasoline engine, 184 kW/250 hp, maximum torque: 400 Nm between 2500-4500 U / m, 0-100 km / h: 7,9 s Vmax: 235 km / h, average fuel consumption: 8, 1 liter, CO2 emissions: 189 g / km, efficiency class: D, test consumption: 10.2 liters   Price: from 38 415 €

Back to Opel is the motto, even if it must be through the forest.