Opel cross country starts 2017 X

Rüsselsheim, 7 November 2016

Several prototypes of small vehicles with high body swirled lately. The photographer called the car "the new Opel Meriva" and "the new Citroën C3 Picasso". Both cars should be identical with the current Peugeot 2008. All this was quite wrong not, but also not quite right. It is probably true that all three newcomers will receive the same base, a platform jointly developed by Opel and the PSA group. But the new model by Opel mean X no longer Meriva but cross country. The Meriva probably will be against it.

From the van to the crossover

The Peugeot 2008 has been a small van as the Citroën C3 Picasso and the Opel Meriva. But vans are generally out, fashionable SUVs are in all sizes. Because of this, Peugeot made a crossover model 2008. Unlike the French, the Rüsselsheim change not only the alignment, but also the name of the model: cross country X sounds like a crossover and bears resemblance to the name of the small Opel SUV X Mocha meaning since the facelift. Him Opel is now at the beginning of the year 2017 the new cross country X to the page.

Two high vehicles in the B-segment

Mocha X and cross country X will appear both in the B-segment compete. The Mocha X known Opel but as SUV, the new cross country X as a CUV (crossover Utitity vehicle) or just a crossover. Not wrong, because the Mocha X there even with all-wheel drive, the cross country X but I guess not. Already, Opel had two high vehicles in the B-segment, the mocha and the Meriva. Extent (but only to the extent) can the cross country X also called Meriva's successor.

For the Landlust clientele

"Also in the B-segment customers want always more emotional cars", so Opel brand Chairwoman Tina Müller. "With the cross country X we meet those expectations and offer a car with exciting design and the benefits of an SUV for the urban lifestyle handy in town, confidently on long journeys." The target clientele describes it as: "People who live out the country feeling of pleasure in the city rooftop retreat the own tomatoes and herbs and need plenty of space for their children and the shopping on the organic market."

In the future, at least four CUVs and SUVs

With the newcomer, Opel launches a crossover offensive. After the disappearance of the Antara in the year 2015 Opel can currently offer only the Mocha X in the SUV sector. But for remedy: Opel plans on the basis of the Peugeot 3008, 4.45 meters long and of the 4.64 meter long Peugeot 5008 compact CUVs. Apparently are also real SUVs (with all-wheel drive). It says that a car called Activa could replace the Zafira, and also a larger SUV based on a Buick platform could come. All new crossover and SUVs could bear but an X in the name. (sl)