Opel Ampera-e for less than 40,000 euros?

Hair, 15 December 2016

Beginning 2017 rolls with the Ampera e for the first time a purely electric Opel to the dealers. The market introduction starting in the February 2017 in Norway. This is followed by Germany, the Netherlands, France, and the Switzerland. There is an official Euro-price while yet, but in the Norwegian Opel Configurator is Stromer now listed. What that might mean for the German customer the number from the far North? We have compared and recalculated.

Example 1: The Nissan leaf

We begin our math lesson with the Nissan leaf. The E-car is more recently also with a 30-kWh battery at the start, resulting in an NEDC range of 250 kilometres. Norway is the leaf with the large battery from 224.990 crowns at the dealer, which corresponds to around 25,000 euros. If you decide in this country for the electric Nissan (and not rent the battery, but buy want), 31.265 euro are to pay. The difference in price? 6,000 euros.

Example 2: The BMW i3

A BMW i3 94 AH (that is, the top model with 33-kWh battery) has a minimum of 36.150 euros in Germany. For the money, you get 300 kilometers range according to the NEDC and approximately 200 kilometres of practical. For comparison: in Norway this version from 272.020 crowns is available so around 30,300 euros. And again, a difference of nearly 6,000 euros shall be calculated.

And the Ampera e?

Now comes the electrical Opel in the game: In the Norwegian Configurator, we go at 299.999 crowns. About 33,400 euros are converted. Adding up the sum, we have calculated for the other models as the difference, now arises a base price, which could be between 39,000 and 40,000 euros. So, the Rüsselsheim which is to democratize the electric driving, could be priced about 3,000 euros over the BMW i3.

And what does the Opel?

The Ampera-e will be built in the United States along with the identical Chevrolet bolt. A 60-kWh battery powered a 204 HP E engine and enables an NEDC range of over 500 kilometers. In practical use are in roughly 350 kilometers per charge. The Sprint from 0-100 km/h is successful in sporting 7.2 seconds and also maintained on with five seats and a 381-litre boot. (ml)