Noble concept car in Paris

Hong Kong / Paris, October 6, 2014

Even before the Paris Motor Show in 2014, it was announced that Infiniti wants to penetrate in the highest segment of the premium hatchback sedans. Competition? No less a person than the Audi A7 Sportback, BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé, Mercedes CLS and Porsche Panamera. The contribution of the Infiniti is presented concept vehicle Q80 are inspiration.

Design support

With a length of 5,052 millimeters and a width of 2,027 millimeters of Q80 inspiration measures just 1,350 millimeters at its highest point. Thus, the four-door Infiniti hatchback concept is longer, wider and lower than the competition. The doors open in opposite directions in the portal style and offer a view of the interior free. Find the passengers both in the front row and in the rear seat on leather-covered bucket seats. In addition, the panoramic glass roof for an airy and light passenger compartment to provide.

technology support

In addition to the striking hatchback design inspiration of Q80 is also a foretaste of future technologies. Thus, the concept car is theoretically capable of fully autonomous driving by laser sensors and camera technology.

High-performance hybrid engine

Under the hood of the premium hatchback sedan operates a hybrid system. It consists of a 3.0 twin-turbo V6 and an electric motor. Let them come Maximum torque with a fuel consumption of 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers on a system output of 558 hp and 750 Newton meters.

Potential to be mass produced?

To be built that the Q80 inspiration, has already been decided, according to Infiniti thing. What is taken from the design and technology of the concept vehicle into series production, but is not yet known. In any case, we must safe to wait until 2017 for a first production prototypes . (ml)