New name, new look

Stuttgart, March 26, 2015

Mercedes fans will have to be adjusted in the future to a new nomenclature. Already known are the little extra letters after the displacement name for the drive. "d " stands for diesel, "e " for the plug-in hybrid. But the SUV model series will be renamed. It started with the GLA and the GLE coupe. In parallel, now the M-Class to normal GLE. Along with the change is a model upgrade. She made her debut at the Auto Show in New York ( 3 to 12 April 2015).

Now, even without all-wheel

The future model numbers of GLE and Co. should point in the last letter of the similarly sized sedan counterpart. So, the GLK successor to C-class base for GLC and GL to GLS. Only the classic G retains its character. Back to GLE: the front, the radiator grille, bumpers, as well headlight and fender were changed. At the rear, there is a new LED lights. Significantly more sustainable are the changes under the sheet metal. A new feature is for example the 204-hp GLE 250 d with pure rear-wheel drive as an entry model. Here follows the model of the Mercedes BMW X5, where there is also a small diesel without wheel. The 250cc diesel engine in the GLE is also available with four-wheel drive, then must act 500 instead of 480 Newton meters, the consumption increases from 5.4 to 5.7 liters of diesel.

Extra lookup

Always SUV are the top diesel 350 d 4Matic with 258 hp and the petrol go. Here, the GLE 400 marked with V6 Biturbo 333 PS and started, it ranked the GLE 500 with V8 and 435 hp and AMG versions. In addition to the 557-hp Mercedes-AMG GLE 63, the ultra-sporty S model with 585 hp puts into the program. While all of the gasoline GLE program put on a seven-speed automatic, while the diesels are always nine courses included.

SUV with plug

Probably the highlight of the GLE program is the new 500 GLE e 4Matic with plug-in hybrid. His drive is already in the S-Class. The basic facts: V6 gasoline engine with 333 hp plus 116 - horsepower electric motor system performance 442 hp. The maximum torque of 650 Newton meters, up to 130 km / h max are purely electrical means. But then puts the potential e radius of 30 km in the distance. At the wallbox or a public charging station is " full tank " in two hours, a maximum of lithium-ion battery stores 8.8 kWh of energy. The plant consumption is Mercedes with 3.3 liters per 100 kilometers in accordance with 78 grams of CO2 on.

dare terrain

If you want to venture his Mercedes GLE into the area, should order the optional off-road engineering package. Here engage the low range gearing and a wholly owned center differential lock when needed. A central knob Offroad-Plus program is selected in this case. Even at the standard all-wheel drive versions, an off-road mode for easy terrain ready. Who ordered the Airmatic air suspension referred to in addition, can increase the ground clearance of up to 28.5 inches and reaches a fording depth of 60 centimeters.

much support

In terms of assistance systems Mercedes plays the very large diamonds from: From a roll stabilization through a ram Wizard and pedestrian detection to 360 - degree camera for parking passes the optional equipment offered. This is not all: adaptive LED headlights and an AMG styling package with 20-inch wheels are available. The prices of the GLE Mercedes expresses not, so far, they started at 56,227 euros for the 250cc diesel SUV and ended up with 110,253 euros for the 63 AMG. (rh)