New Astra is a monster

Rüsselsheim, July 30, 2015

VW has recently introduced the study of a golf - 7 racing car for Founded in 2015 racing series TCR International Series. Starting next season, he will regularly ride in the world's current touring car league for victories. Then the fast Golf is probably also apply to this white-yellow - black basement because Opel has today published the first pictures of the new racing Astra. He, too, is intended to ensure from 2016 in the TCR furore.

330 hp and front-wheel drive

The rennigen Golf gives the Astra in the disciplines of " sheer breadth ", " absurd wing size " and " scary air intake diameter " absolutely nothing. As the Wolfsburg competitor ( and the other TCR cars ) has the customer sport Astra through a two-liter turbo engine with 330 hp and 410 Netwonmeter torque and front wheel drive. Further details on the technology are currently shut in some desk drawer in Rüsselsheim. The car is located, according to Opel currently in development, the tests are to begin in October. To what extent the new Astra Touring Car upcoming Astra OPC anticipates, is not yet known. In the past, the Astra OPC and Astra racing were relatively close together. That 2016 new Astra OPC with 300 hp and a dash of customer sport optics comes, so is quite conceivable.

" Reasonable costs "

The TCR - series is based on a three-stage approach, the national and continental championships, and the global TCR International Series provides with the same technical regulations. A TCR vehicle can thus be used without any technical modifications worldwide. Opel's chief marketing officer Tina Müller thinks the new motorsport challenge: " The touring car racing has always been an important element of Opel 's philosophy of the new TCR racing series coincides with our expectations in the customer sports range ?? ambitious private teams to provide a platform for thrilling motorsport at a reasonable cost. offer. A TCR vehicle generally costs 70000-90000 euros . ( sw )