More umph than a Veyron

Sealy, Texas (United States), 25 February 2016

Since 2014 the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is synonymous with mobile unreason. 717 Horsepower and 881 Newton metres in an archaic Coupé that is expansive than Texas: It sounds totally wrong, but many people will agree that the attraction of this morally reprehensible monster is plenty big. Speaking of Texas: here is as you know "everything" still a bit "bigger" and over 700 Horsepower in a road car are only one thing: a nice start. Hennessey performance, the HP instance from the Lone Star State that looks like and has started early to further inflate the JAWS to the Challenger Hellcat. Variants with 800 and 850 HP already plenty incredible sound, but now Hennessey shoots the bird finally.

Stronger than a Bugatti Veyron

The latest project by John Hennessey and crew HPE1000 Twin Turbo & supercharged engine upgrade is called and it includes all the craziness that can be found in this long name. Yes, the 6.2 liter supercharged V8 of the hell Cat Gets a twin-turbo conversion by Hennessey. On top, of course. The entire motor periphery is also adapted to the frightening conditions. A new charge air cooler system, fuel injection, exhaust, a bunch of new pipes and all possible filter and valves finally belong, so after final Engine Tuning almost 1,050 HP at 6,500 rpm and abut 1,338 NM at 4,200 RPM. Nice side-effect: A Bugatti Veyron is now considerably weaker car.

In less than three seconds to 100 km/h?

The whole insanity falls here by the way still alone on the rear axle. That they just forfeit to dust, seems a miracle to narrow. Especially because Hennessey leaves the poor Ächslein as the rest of the cars in their original condition. Going to the Sprint from 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds over the stage, the 0-100 km/h are likely to take approximately 2.9 seconds (series: 3.8 seconds). Assuming you can find matching tires that fleeing not even before the first start out of sheer fear (Hennessey mentioned that special drag tires on the rear axle were used for the measurement). Also good to know: Hennessey has built a real ten second car with the Turbo Hellcat, because the Texans with 9.9 seconds to indicate the time for the quarter-mile. The own Gasfuß for this achievement must be how surgically precise, is however not known. Nor do the speed limit. It is but the production car already at good 330 km/h. Who wants to hunt with his Dodge Lamborghini Aventadors, can do so easily. And all along the way also with the four-door charger Hellcat. Hennessey also offers the bi turbo conversion for the largest sedan in the world. (black & white)