More reincarnation fiftieth

Los Angeles ( USA), November 24, 2014

The debut was in 1964, half a century since the production runs and more than 9.2 million sold copies can be recognized: the 50th anniversary of the Mustang series Ford sends the vehicle icon in the sixth generation. Now the automaker has 2,014 (21 ' to 30 November) unveiled at the LA Auto Show another Legend remake, the Shelby GT 350th

Sports cars street legal

The first 350 GT came only a year after the 1964 - series model on the market. It is named after then as now, of the 2012 racer and designer Carroll Shelby deceased, who transformed the already powerful production car to be in thoroughbred sports cars street legal. The new Shelby Mustang is now based on the next - generation and has been further developed and revised in some criteria.

Interpretation of a high-performance engine

The heart of the new Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 is a completely new V8 engine. The combustion chamber volume of 5.2 liters and the resulting 500 hp and 540 Nm of torque make according to Ford " typical American interpretation of a high-performance engine " the currently most powerful Ford - series unit. Very un-American, however, the driving force is translated: A manual six-speed transmission does the work. In Serienmustang you have to settle for a maximum of 426 hp from a five-liter V8.

Brembo holding the horse in check

The torsional rigidity was increased compared with the standard model by 28 percent. The vehicle front is optimized by injection molding carbon fiber composite, widened front track and the landing gear was down deeper by special damper. So you can keep the sharp-made wild horse in check, at the front axle 394-millimeter brake discs with six piston on the rear axle 380 - millimeter discs with four pistons are installed. Before the braking system sitting 19-inch aluminum rims.

Leather seats on request

In order to further improve the aerodynamics, the new aluminum hood has been slightly lowered relative to the base Mustang. In addition, the new front and rear spoiler and rear diffuser are designed to provide more downforce at high speeds. Inside, the Recaro sports seats are emerging which are available on request in a leather interior.

Not for Europe

From 2015, the Mustang Shelby GT 350 ?? as its standard ?? sold by the Ford dealer network. Is offered via this network during the base Mustang in Europe, where GT 350 going to the importer is inevitable. Because the icon with the white paint and blue stripes will not be officially sold in Europe. The invoked prices far nothing is known yet. (ml)