Mini SUV for China rapper

Shanghai (China ), April 21, 2015

Does China really rapper? You know, those guys who wear their slanted cap on his head, where the pants so low hanging that they do not lose this right, and are incredibly transparent? We do not know, but the new study of Qoros is made for them. The Qoros 2 SUV Concept PHEV the Chinese brand shakes off its been quite unsophisticated design and was open to Fancy. At the Shanghai Auto Show ( 22 to 29 April 2015) the car is on display.

A Chinese equivalent of the Juke

The small SUV belongs to the B - segment ?? the world's fastest growing car class, as Qoros emphasized. In Germany, the Opel Mokka and the Skoda Yeti among the most successful representatives. By design, the study but the polarizing Nissan Juke comes closer. The five-door Qoros 2 is 4.18 meters just a few inches longer than this. The study is painted in a cyanstichigen white, ( 10th-13th centuries) is reminiscent of a type of porcelain from the Song Dynasty. The red details, including on the mirrors and the skid plates are inspired by the red ink that is used in Chinese art. The study has a panoramic glass roof with a traditional Chinese patterns. As a modern contrast a QR code in red is integrated.

Visually quite different from the honest Qoros 3

The high belt line and the vertical elements fall on the body left and right at the front and at the rear, which also included the dark covered lights. The wheel arches are clearly exhibited, the edge is formed in three dimensions. Overall, the difference to the smooth Qoros 3 could hardly be greater. From the interior there are no pictures. It should be kept simple and look futuristic. In keeping with the exterior design dominates white, combined with a blue-green light ambience. There are also natural materials like bamboo and cool metal details. Instead of traditional instruments, there is a color display.

Plug-in hybrid with two electric motors

As the name suggests PHEV addition, the study has a plug-in hybrid drive. The batteries in the vehicle floor provide energy for two electric motors driving the rear axle only. For the front axle, a turbo petrol engine is responsible small displacement ?? the result is a four-wheel drive. The driver can choose between an electric mode and the modes sport, and all-wheel hybrid. Hybrid-specific apps provide him with constant current coverage estimates which take into account in addition to the driving mode, the traffic, the weather and driving style.

Charging via probe

Charged, the plug-in vehicle, through a charge probe, which is normally hidden under a cover on the on the A-pillar. Pressing a button on the dashboard, it automatically opens. Is charging contacts via similar probes at the same level, for example in public charging stations or in the garage at home. Thus, the driver does not need to get their hands dirty at plugs or cables. Alternatively, inductive charging via an underfloor pallet will be offered.

Founded in 2007, company

So far, the company was founded in 2007 Qoros offers three compact series vehicles in China. In December 2013, the Qoros 3 Sedan came on the market, which became the first Chinese car the maximum possible score in the EuroNCAP crash test. In June 2014, the hatchback model was followed by 3 Hatch and in December 2014, the City 3 SUV. Be built vehicles in Changshu, near Shanghai . ( sl)