Mini Clubman Concept grown enormously

grown enormously

Except for the name change when Mini Clubman soon though, it is significantly larger and says goodbye to his unusual door concept. A small quirk but will remain the same.

From the quirky micro - combined into a full compact: the Mini Clubman makes in the new generation a huge step change as a concept at the Geneva Salon ( 6th to March 16 ) shows. The distance between the googly eyes - front and double door at the rear grows by a whopping 26 centimeters to almost VW - Golf - dimensions. This creates space for new rear doors and an additional passenger.

Even the three-door mini-sets for by the model changes, the Clubman but puts himself equal to a different class of vehicle. Proud 4.22 meter measures the study in the length, the width is 1.84 meters - 17 centimeters more than the current mini - van. Up to the expected 2015 launch of the production model, it should indeed give a few changes - the trend is clear. Was the old Clubman still a conventional mini with a little more space for the two rear passengers and a minimally larger luggage compartment, the new one is a complete car for five persons.

© Strictly taken mini is the Mini Clubman a six-door .   Thus, the three rear passengers can also easily embarking, the Clubman of the 2 +1 door concept with the opposing additional door on the right side adopted. Instead, there are - quite conventional - two normal rear portals. What remains however, it is at the rear swing doors, which have marked the first Clubman from the 70s. Despite the vastly growing dimensions, the study is the design of the typical Mini style elements such as the round headlights, the darkly contrasting body - collar and the contrasting color for the roof finish. The optical range is complemented by new elements such as air intakes behind the front Rädhäusern.

Technically, the new Clubman is based on the extended platform of the three-door model, which carries among other BMWs new compact van 2er Active Tourer. As the new three-cylinder engines of Munich in context of the 1.5-liter engines are available in diesel version with 116 hp and a gasoline engine with 136 hp. In addition, likely to be in the program and one 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo with 136 hp.