McLaren finished MSO 570S

Woking, August 11, 2015

With equal more exciting cars McLaren enters the Concours d'Elegance this year at Pebble Beach ( 11 to 16 August 2015) on. It focuses on two models of aufgebrezelte 570S. This is the first representative of the new " Sport Series " that is below the " Super Series " ( 650S ) and the " Ultimate Series " ( P1 ) is located.

Look run the Special

For the Concours d'Elegance in Pebble Beach, California, which, according to cult presenter and car freak Jay Leno " best car show in the world ", a sports car manufacturer has to have something special in their luggage. Because here it is shown what the design departments of individualization in the pipeline and what forces moderately upward nor goes. Thus, in 2014 the Jaguar F-Type Project shown 7 ( the strongest with 575 PS series Jaguar ) as well as the Range Rover Sport SVR ?? with 550 hp also represents the peak power. McLaren had even including a concept car of 1000 hp P1 GTR here, which debuted as a production model at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015.


This year, the British want to show what the in-house tuning department MSO ( McLaren Special Operations ) from the upcoming 570S Coupé can do. For two copies were specially prepared. One of them was in pretty purple acting " Mauvine Blue " painted ( leaves about taste argue ), the other in " Ventura Orange '. Both the interior was again up sharply with accessories from the MSO accessories. There are a carbon-leather appointments as well as to the respective exterior color matching applications. What will it cost MSO - tuning, has not yet revealed by the manufacturers. The price of 570S starts at 181,750 euros.

675LT and 650S Le Mans also included

In addition, McLaren wants to show his two special athletes 675LT and 650S Le Mans in Pebble Beach. The 675LT is the lightest and rennstreckentauglichste representatives of the Super Series. It will be launched only as a coupe and as a limited number of 500 pieces. The name " 675LT " stands for 675 horsepower and " long tail ". Literally translated means the " long tail ". The addition Longtail goes into history: Already almost 20 years ago there was a super light Edition of victorious at Le Mans F1 GTR, which was called because of the longer body Longtail. The second edition model is the 650S Le Mans. It was created by MSO in memory of the legendary victory of five McLaren in 1995 in Le Mans. The rare Renner is built only 50 times ?? and all have an owner found.

Two rare species will be auctioned

At the Concours d'Elegance also a F1 GTR from 1996 will be on display, which was made for the event of BMW North America. And at the auction which is organized by RM Auctions in Pebble Beach, two very exclusive McLaren are: one of only 375 P1 and the penultimate F1 of 1998. The auction house expects the P1 with a turnover of the equivalent of 1.8 million euros, for the F1 no forecast was made . ( hd )