McLaren BP23 is faster than the legendary F1

Woking (UK), 12. March 2018

McLaren has announced that his next work will have the Ultimate Series, the Hyper-GT BP23, a higher top speed than the legendary McLaren F1. Brought it in the 90s to a whopping 390 km/h. fitting of the in the English Woking-based sports car manufacturer released new images of the three-seater layout in the interior. One shows the speedometer with 243 mph on the clock. This corresponds to a speed of 391 km/h. so it Fits.

Tribute to the McLaren F1

McLarens latest coup is a kind of homage to the F1. In front of the still best-known and most revered car in the company's history, the BP23 bows, among other things, with a three seater configuration and the Central Seating position of the driver. In addition, to be built, as in the case of the F1 just 106 copies. As is usual, are already sold all the copies. At a price equivalent to 1.8 million euros plus taxes.

It is a Hybrid

The car itself is still in the middle of the development. Also, the final Design has not yet been published. However, we expect that McLarens new Hypercar will be presented in 2018. Everything is so far apart from the horrendous maximum speed – known: The BP23 will have a gasoline engine and an electric motor under the hood.

The correct Name is yet to come

BP23 will not be the final Name of the car. Like the Senna, to get this Mega-GT a name that brings his skills appropriately. And these skills are intended to make these "Hyper-GT" apparently, more likely to be a superior road car. Of course he's not going to break even on a race track, but for insane Track Performance of the new McLaren Senna is more there.

Each car is a single piece of

For the BP23 will be, of course, highly customizable. McLaren Special Operations (MSO) will make every car exactly according to the personal Wishes of the customer. The production of the latest McLaren Ultimate Series is expected to begin by the end of 2019.(sw)