Mazda MX-5 Spyder and Speedster

Las Vegas ( USA ), November 3, 2015

What is MX - 5 can make the freshly applied cult roadster, Mazda shows at the SEMA show ( 3 to 6 November 2015) in Las Vegas. Two extreme concept cars demonstrate how to drive lightweight to the extreme ?? in favor of more fun when driving. In the development of the two studies Mazda collaborated with various tuning specialists, which is certainly their own ideas with the MX - 5 will soon implement.

MX-5 Spyder with Bikini Top

The Spyder is the more comfortable version of the two, because it has both a front window ( because of the flies on a summer evening has its advantages ) as well as a lightweight fabric roof. This protects the noble all-leather appointments, at least from the worst effects of the weather.

Coilovers and Brembo brakes

The body is painted in Mercury Silver and fitted with an aerodynamic kit made ​​of carbon. Lightweight 17-inch model and size 225 tires make contact with the asphalt. A particularly dynamic road holding an adjustable coilover suspension to worry. When stopping to help at the front axle, a Brembo system with four-piston calipers and vented discs. How does the power of the 160 hp two-liter Otto affects the driving values ​​, Mazda does not reveal, unfortunately. However, the acceleration time is likely to be respectable, finally, the four-cylinder needs to move a weight of only 1043 kg ?? the 32 kilos less than the comparable production model. That, incidentally, takes 7.3 seconds to pace the 100th

MX5 Speedster: Only 943 kg

Correct the knife has the MX-5 to be molded to the Speedster. With him get the word " purism " a new meaning ?? Indeed, there are not even a windshield, but only a small wind deflector. This promises a driving experience that is hardly more than a hairstyle intact. The doors and covered with Alcantara seat shells are made of carbon, the 16-inch model made ​​of ultra light materials. Together, these measures give a total weight of only 943 kg.

30 millimeters

The Blue-ether-colored Speedster also a KW coilover suspension was missed, which lowers the body by about 30 millimeters. And during braking also has a Brembo system with four assists front calipers. Whether one or both of the bearing Mazda MX-5 probably hangs in a small series? That probably depends on the reactions of the audience at the show . ( hd )