Mamma mia, Polizia

Martorell ( Spain ), June 9, 2015

Imagine times short the nationwide outcry when it became known that German police in future Jaguars or Renaults on patrol. As very now cried out in Italy, we do not know a certain scandal - potential has the following message but all: The Italian police has ordered 925 Seat Leon. 475 so-called " Panther " for the Polizia di Stato and 450 " Gazelle " for the Carabinieri. Overall, it could create in the green-white - red government service in the next three years even up to 4,000 compact Spaniard. According to Seat is the first time that both Italian Polzeikräfte have opted for the same vehicle. Mamma mia, what's gone wrong here?

Seat imposes itself almost on

Viewed objectively not so much. The Chosen 150 - PS TDI Leon is very economical, offering the famous VW quality and loud Seat statement also " excellent cost ". Common people would argue that it looks like the bargain better than anything the Fiat group has to offer currently in a halfway reasonable price range. At Alfa there are only Mito and Giulietta ( since one takes probably better to Leon ), Fiat 500 or Panda appear for tough police everyday bit too unstable and the Freemont is rather Americans than Italians, so you might as well go Spaniards, Logical, right?

including armor

If you are so drawn out in the next Italian vacation of a blue - white or blue-red Seat Leon five-door, which is not a stupid joke. Behave cooperatively and make no jokes about Italian automobile art. Piling or shot attempts are likely to bring little, because the front of the car including the front doors is armored in police - Leon. Also includes vigiwante usual features like alarm and flashing lights, special radio and communications solutions and supports for firearms ( inside, not the outside. This is not a James Bond film ). The rear seat is also designed as a kind of mini - prison cell, saying the officials are safely separated from the rear.

Attempts to recover pride

The conversion takes over the Italian company NCT ( Nuova Carrozzeria Torinese ), prepared the vehicles since 2003 for the manhunt. Monitors the conversion of Seat and Volkswagen experts. That's the limit. To widerherzustellen national pride, we strongly recommend a few new police Huracans. The new Alfa Giulia QV with 510 hp could scare the 2016 gangster . ( sw )