London taxi: within three years of the autonomous

Taxi company Addison Lee is going to be a collaboration with a software developer Oxbotica, to a fleet of autonomous taxis sped on the road. That makes the Uk company on Monday announced.

Addison Lee wants to be in 2021, the first self-propelled vehicles in London on the way. Both parties in preparation of detailed digital maps of more than 400,000 kilometres of roads in and around the capital. "Urban transport will be the introduction of self-services in the coming decade unrecognizable change. We must act now, we would like to be on top of things," says Addison Lee's CEO, Andy Boland.

Oxbotica CEO Graeme Smith says that the partnership with Addison Lee as a 'huge step' on the path of autonomous vehicles in London. The carrier hopes that the agreement can take advantage of the increasing popularity of the mobilieitsdiensten. This market, according to Goldman Sachs the next ten years, with approximately 20 percent growth.

The British government expects that the domestic market for the technology for self-propelled cars in 2035 about 28 billion pounds (€31.7 billion) will represent.