Mercedes-Benz 240

The Mercedes-Benz 240 is a vehicle from the W123 series, and was built in between 1976 until 1985. The vehicle was built as a sedan, coupe and station wagon, the latter the success of the Model T had received the continues to this day. Motorised the Mercedes-Benz 240 from a 4 - cylinder in-line diesel engine, which was awarded under the model designation 240D and 240TD on the rear of the vehicle was. During the 1976-1978 model years, the unit made ​​65 hp and leistungsgestärkt was delivered in 1978 with 72 hp as new cars. In addition to use as a sedan or station wagon for the family of craftsmen of the Mercedes-Benz 240 was also used as a taxi. Due to the good breakdown statistics of the Mercedes-Benz 240 and the great reliability of the Mercedes-Benz 240 became a true long-distance runners with high odometer readings. A mileage of more than 1.Mio kilometers were with this vehicle, with appropriate maintenance, quite possible. At the present time the durable Mercedes-Benz 240 car advanced from a sought-after vintage. There is still about 200