Limited Super - Sedan

Gaydon, July 25, 2014

For some time it rumbles in the development department of Aston Martin. Now as the One-77 Hypercar or the V12 Zagato projects Speedster study CC100 has been recently introduced. Now stands before the return of Lagonda emblem on a new super - sedan Aston Martin at the British. Already in 2008, announced Ulrich Bez, Chief of the car manufacturer, a Lagonda study on the 100th anniversary of the brand. After the Lagonda SUV concept was re-established quickly shelved after the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, and now the four-door sedan goes into production.

ship of the desert

Actually, four-door sports sedans are so nonsensical as an indoor ski slope in the desert. But right there is the attraction. So wonderfully pointless it is, many people want to be there was to be able to say: I went skiing in the desert, I own an Aston Martin Lagonda. Exclusive luxury flat? therefore equal first: You have to be at ease with a skiing holiday in Abu Dhabi satisfied, because you can buy the new edition of Aston Martin Lagonda not. Except you will be invited randomly and lives in the Middle East, really true.

Design hybrid of the brand's history

On the existing vehicle - brand product range are also based the latest designs for the new four-door luxury sports car. Aston Martin it was inspired in 1976 by ​​William Towns ` Lagonda and connected it with the current design of the brand as well as the use of carbon fiber composites for automotive body parts.

manual work

To be Done With the classy four-door in Gaydon, Warwickshire. For extra one building was selected in which the professionals who already customized the One-77 by hand, now can make to the work itself.


What engine, what size, what price or what other specifications will have the future ship of the desert, this leaves Aston Martin run the tracks in the sand. That will probably all be in the invitation to send out 2015, the British. Luckily, you can still switch to other models like the Maserati Quattroporte or Porsche Panamera and Lamborghini if dares, maybe the four-door Estoque . (ml )