Lexus IT comes 2019

Cologne, 27. April 2018

In the case of Lexus, it is currently in the city centre of Tokyo: find the gap! Eight model series, offer the Japanese people in Germany already: CT, IS, GS, LS, NX, RX and LC and RC. And yet, it should be from 2019, there is still space for two more shortcuts, which should bring our letters-memory is probably permanently out of the cycle. The UX is a SUV below the 4.64 meters long NX. In the case of the Lexus sedans, IT is to Park between GS (4.88 meters) and LS (5,23 meters).

First, IT is for Europe

Internationally seen, the Lexus is already a well-established: Since 1989, six model generations, the number Seven comes from January 2019 for the first time to Europe. Background the aim of crack by 2020, the number of 100,000 new registrations in Europe. The basis of the upcoming Lexus ES, the new, so-called GA-K-platform for vehicles with front-wheel drive. Their brother, with rear-wheel drive is GA-L and is currently under the Lexus LC and the LS.

Japanese E-Class-Format

But back to the new IT: He is 4,98 meters long, the wheelbase is 2.87 metres. Yasuo Kajino, the chief designer of IT, speaks of "provocative elegance,". Now, provocative is the giant Diabolo-grille with its vertical slats all. In the case of the F-Sport variant of the black elements are used at the same time, there are 19-inch rims. A further speciality of the F-Sport adaptive suspension. Security systems of various kinds in IT as standard.

Hybrid instead of Diesel

Does not react to the engines in the Lexus still in the Detail. Definitely, there will be no Diesel. Is confirmed this to be a ES 300h with a Hybrid. The basics, according to Lexus, again, more compact and more powerful electric motor and a 2.5-Liter four-cylinder that works in the Atkinson cycle. Similar to the GS 300h is designed, he brings it to a system output of 223 HP.(rh)