Japanese birthday party

Yokohama (Japan), July 29, 2014

AMG, OPC, S, R or M: Behind all these shortcuts, the performance versions of cars German car manufacturers hide. At Nissan, the counterpart is named Nismo: " Nissan Motorsports International".

birthday present

Nismo celebrates birthday and anniversaries give presents itself to the 30 years of the factory tuner took another Nissan model under her wing. A minivan, it should be this time, heard right, a minivan. The Nissan Note is intended to expand the customer base and offer an efficient and sporty car, " would just drive you, no matter where the target might be " the so literally, according Nismo chief Shoichi Miyatani.

Nismo and Nismo S

Two versions of the compact van will be offered by Nismo: Nismo as and when Nismo S. The main focus of Nismo tuner lay with the visual appearance of the car. Both performance models get the typical look with red accents on outer mirrors, front and side skirts. Joining them will be a modified grille, front and rear bumper has been redesigned and the rear roof line ends in a small spoiler. The Nismo S may also come up with standard sport seats and optional Recaro racing seats.

Pragmatism versus wishful thinking

The Nismo S-minivan also comes with a fitted five-speed manual transmission, that's it. Otherwise, says Nismo on possible performance gains or technically - relevant changes nothing. In order to obtain the efficient character of the vehicle and not completely alienating the car to the sporting and ambitious family, the V6 biturbo 3.8 liter engine from the Nissan GT-R Nismo will probably remain wishful thinking. It will probably at best, remain at a moderate increase in performance, but you never know, there are also more birthdays.

There 's always a catch

Optical and technical finesse or not: The crux of the matter is that the sporty minivan indeed comes on the market in the fall of 2014? but only in Japan. Plans for a German market does not yet exist. In this country it is still called, to be content with a 1.2-liter turbo diesel as top version. The guaranteed at least 98 hp and helps the little ones to a maximum speed of 181 km / h

imitation Germany

Nevertheless, we can not wait and hope that tighten the German manufacturers and the BMW 2er Active Tourer provides you with the M-Lable, Opel Agila to send the OPC or AMG, the Mercedes B-Class looks a lot . (ml )