Jaguar racing cars (rad )

Carcassonne, July 21, 2014

As the official vehicle supplier of the Sky Team Jaguar support for four years the cycling team in the Tour de France with service and support vehicles such as the Jaguar XF Sport Brake. While the racers themselves time and again have to deal with doping scandals, now comes a supply cart is used, which would probably not stand up to doping control.

Base vehicle with V8

Technically the most fastest service vehicle of the Tour de France on the introduced in May 2014 Jaguar F-Type R coupe. In numbers, that is, five-liter V8 biturbo with 550 hp and 680 Newton meters of torque. That should be enough to be at this year 's Tour de France quickly on the spot.

Exclusive Single piece

The exclusive one-piece was painted by the "Special Vehicle Operations team " of Jaguar Land Rover, not only in the colors and lettering of the Sky team and pasted and equipped with a bike rack for two high-performance road bikes. In the trunk of the builders brought in addition a separate power supply for auxiliary horns, radios, microphones, speakers and TV screens below? in any professional bike race indispensable equipment for smooth communication between the racers and their ride-in the support vehicle team management.

Shattered dreams

Leisure-Erik - Zabel, who dream now is to no longer have to transport their racing bikes in the future with the station wagon or the family van, ask after the start of production. The will probably just remain a dream as a ungedoptes starting field at the Tour de France. (ml )