Jaguar E-Pace in the wings

Schwalbach, 5. July 2017

The Hype on SUVs continues unabated, and while Land Rover has been busy as well as each segment of the gap, sister Jaguar brand to fill a niche. For 2016, the F-Pace is now on the market and he will soon be complemented by a smaller brother in the Compact-SUV class, the E-Pace. What we were able to bring about the new arrival from the UK even before its official presentation in the experience, read here ...

So far, only few information

So far, and the details of Jaguar's new E are sown-the Pace is still rather sparse. So, for example, is not yet known, which platform, the SUV will be build. Also conceivable is the Land Rover Discovery Sport or the smaller Range Rover Evoque. On the other hand, Jaguar could also seek a redesign. Finally, the F-Pace has been developed from scratch and later on the Range was followed by Rover Velar on this architecture. In terms of drives, the manufacturer is something concrete: The E-Pace will have all - wheel drive and petrol and diesel engines from the Ingenium series. Means: Expect to see four-cylinder engines from 150 to 240 HP.

Hard Test Procedure

A total of 25 months, around 500 engineers worked on the test program for the new E-Pace. The manufacturer built more than 150 prototypes, which were in the Arctic circle, in the heat of Dubai, at the Nürburgring or the high-speed Oval of Nardò, as well as the in-house test site in the UK Gaydon tested. The Goal? The Series Production. "Our Team of engineers and chassis experts has developed in a very painstaking work of a real Jaguar. Many months of intense testing on tracks around the world – have brought about a compact SUV with Jaguar's typical DNA," says the senior E-Pace-engineer Graham Wilkins.

Presentation, market introduction and price

Its final hardness test, the new compact SUV will, according to Jaguar but on 13. July 2017 graduate at the Premiere in London. Let us remember: The F-Pace has been hunted for its presentation by a several-story tall Looping. What can we expect in the E-Pace? Wait and see. The market introduction is planned for the beginning of 2018, and we expect a base price of 35,000 euros.(ml)