Italians Surfer Dress

Auburn Hills (USA), July 30, 2014

The Italians actually bathes preferably in the shallow surf of the Mediterranean, held in the crashing waves of the American Pacific coast. Just can not do much with American surfer Italian small car and grab rather go back to their native Fords and Chevrolets with surf Pattina and loading area.

Opposites attract each other

In Huntington Beach, California, now met Italian Dolce Vita and the American wave riders feeling each other. On the occasion, taking place from 26 July 2014 " Vans U.S. Open of Surfing ," Fiat showed the designed in collaboration with the apparel company Vans 500L? Vans Design Concept. Hang Loose Fiat, Hang Loose.

Materials from the fashion designers

The fashion designers have dressed up the 500L quite beautiful. Convenient one makes it in Surfer Fiat on seat covers in Palm style. The variety of sticker with Vans logo adorn the dashboard and the typical shoe sole pattern of the brand can be found as an anti-slip coating in all possible shelves and clutch, brake and accelerator pedals again.

Inside hui hui outside

Even when the exterior clothing professionals have perpetuated. The roof of the Fiat shows up in a checkerboard pattern, while the grill takes up the shoe sole design. There are also matte black 18-inch, front LED lighting in the rally look and a roof rack, the loose - casual luggage and in addition two surfboards receives. A Fiat, which is washed. In the salty water of the American Pacific coast.

Enjoy tailwind

Away from surfing seems to enjoy tailwind Fiat in North America. In addition to the 500L, the Italian parent brings there now the 2015er models 500 Abarth, the Abarth convertible and the all-electric Fiat 500e on the market. In any case, the 500 model has to be another Italian export worldwide with a million vehicles sold, the potential for pizza and pasta. (ml )