Invalid license is often not sent

Thousands of people whose driver's license invalid, failure to send to the Central Bureau of driving licenses (CBR). They are obliged to do so, but since the beginning of 2016, more than five thousand people, the driving licence is not returned, confirming the CBR after notification by the NOS.

The CBR is every driver's license that is not returned "one too many". But the agency is "simply no investigating authorities" and can invalid driving licences not in people's homes to retrieve. However, note the instance in the registry, that the police and municipalities, to be accessible, which driving licences are invalid declared. "If someone's standing is kept, the police can see that the licence is invalid," says a spokeswoman for the CBR. "Actors get a registered letter which very clearly state that they are no longer allowed to drive." Those who do, risk a fine of 230 eur.

That people keep their pink card have not surrendered, will, according to the CBR, does not necessarily mean that they are still around. Driving licences are, for various reasons, been declared invalid, a conviction for driving under the influence for rejection for medical reasons.