BMW Isetta

The first BMW for the small purse was introduced in 1955. BMW Isetta bubble car was called the egg-shaped, with room for two and a half and just 12 hp at the rear. The - only - Isetta went to the door to the front and the rear wheels were not even half as far apart as the front - no BMW was before or after each so unique. Driver and passenger of the BMW Isetta took comfortably, closed the door to the right - and with it the steering wheel plus fittings. Was switched - very athletic - left with a small cudgel, as a side stick was just a formula racing car. The Isetta accompanied the German motorists well into the 60s and helped with the first trip to pile shaft. 85 enough pace, preferably over the Alps towards " bella Italia ". There, the Isetta finally came forth also, a BMW dealer they had discovered in 1954 at the Geneva Motor Show and recognized their potential. BMW bought the Isetta license from the Italian company Iso, missed the " bubble car " a new drive of a BMW single-cylinder motorcycle, put her robe in Italian and other wrinkles brought the Motocoupé to ​​about a year later when BMW Isetta the market. 1962 's it all: the production of the BMW Isetta is running out, 161 728 copies of the bubble car had been built. Looking for a cheap car ? Whether new or used, classic or exclusively in this web site you are guaranteed to find your dream car.