Introducing Skoda Octavia 1.0 TSI 1, 2, 3 in the walk

1, 2, 3 in the walk

Skoda continues its success story chapter by chapter. In the first four months of the year, the importer number 1 sold more than 60 000 vehicles. Now, the best-selling Octavia receives an overhaul. In addition to an active suspension and an improved structure for infotainment and connectivity, the middle class gets also a new petrol engine. The one liter TSI with three cylinders heads 85 kW / 115 HP. In conjunction with the drive is more than an insider's tip the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Three cylinder? In the age of the so-called "downsizing", where engine developers worldwide need to meet the ever-harder requirements for consumption and exhaust gas limit values with less cylinders and smaller capacity, the three-cylinder have long since left the savings world of small cars and are also in the middle class increasingly. At the latest since BMW three-cylinder using up to the three series, the engine concept has become socially acceptable.

The advantages are obvious. Three-cylinder are lighter and more compact. The new one liter replaces the four-cylinder 1.2 LiterHubraum with the same output at Skoda. The technical finesse of the three cylinder deserve further consideration: thanks to its compact design and the aluminum crankcase, it weighs just 78 kg. The aluminium pistons and the forged connecting rods are so perfectly balanced that the engine do without balance shafts. Own cooling circuits have the crankcase and the cylinder head, the exhaust manifold integrated in the head forms an important component of the high-performance ratio. Inlet and exhaust camshafts can be adjusted to 50 or 40 degrees crank angle to improve the charge Exchange. The common rail injection system injects the fuel with up to 250 bar in the combustion chambers. The intercooler of the turbo charger is integrated in the intake manifold, this way he builds spontaneously its boost pressure up to 1.6 bar.

The practice shows that the developers have done a really good job. After pressing the Start button surprised the new engine by its quietness. The motor turns idles so quietly it acoustically releases none of its technical nature. At best the typical sonore rumblings of a verb Renner's with uneven number of cylinders is also when accelerating. Thanks to turbocharger, from 2000 rpm, the engine already provides the maximum torque of 200 nm. The new three-cylinder harmonises perfectly with the optional (from facilities "Ambition" 1800 euro) dual-clutch transmission. Its seven gears ensure a low speed in every driving situation. The consumption, which is 4.5 litres according to the standard, but also the calm inside and thus comfort will benefit once.

Otherwise, there is little new to the Octavia, but a lot of good to say more. Even from the outside, the timeless design, which objectively, but through practice-oriented continues in the Interior convinced. Last but not least in a gratifyingly high quality look and feel, to which both contribute the materials such as the flawless processing. The seat fits as well as the clarity of the fittings and the control elements. Also is not daily with an Octavia, enters and feel immediately at home.

There are to cavil at the space, nor on the legroom in the rear. On the contrary, within the class's sit in the second row barely more convenient than an Octavia. Also in transport volume in the stern, shines the sedan from the Czech Mlada Boleslav with optimum values. The volume of the baggage compartment is at least 610 liters, rear seats folded to are 1740 l storage volume available.

With the four petrol engines, the engine range for the Octavia now covers a range of 63 kW / 90 HP to 132 kW / 230 HP. The series is the most successful import model on the German market for years. The station wagon is the most successful of his class at all. And not only in Germany but across Europe. With the new TSI engine Skoda in the Octavia has added again, to make not demolish the success story. No one really needs more car than a 1.0 TSI Combi. (tl/ampnet)

Length, width, height (m): 4.66, 1.82, 1.47 (m) wheelbase: 2.69 motor: series three-cylinder, turbocharged engine capacity (ccm): 999 performance: 85 kW / 115 HP at 5500 RPM Max torque: 2600 nm from 2000 RPM transmission: DSG 7 G, acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (s): 10.1 maximum speed (km/h): 202 average fuel consumption per 100 km (l): 5.5 CO2 emissions: 105 g / km Euro 6 efficiency class : A luggage compartment volume min/max (l): 610/1740 unladen weight (kg): 1272 load capacity (kg): 630 tank volume (l): 50 price: 23 950 euro