In Paris: VW Passat GTE

Wolfsburg, 28 September 2014

A few weeks ago we were the new VW Golf GTE drive for the first time, now the manufacturer has announced the next model with plug-in hybrid to. At the Paris Motor Show ( October 4 to 19 2014, the Passat GTE will be as a member of the all-new mid-range series.

For the first time as a hybrid and GTI offshoot

In golf, GTE, we were surprised at how much fun a hybrid car. Rightly the GTE is on par with sporty GTI and GTD. A system output of 204 hp and 250 Newton meters of torque make the Golf 7.6 seconds fly to 100 and 220 km / h fast. We are now really excited to see how the Passat GTE suggests. Finally enters Germany's number two in the charts not only as a hybrid territory, but come the first time as GTI offshoot in series.

Less than eight seconds to 100

How the Golf GTE and its sister model Audi A3 Sportback e - tron will also advance the trade of a combination of petrol and electric motor. The force is transmitted by double-clutch gearbox as the Golf and the Audi ?? that brings comfort advantages over the annoying CVT boxes in other hybrid cars. Compared to the large VW Golf and Audi gets more power: the 1.4 - liter TSI delivers 156 hp, six horsepower more than in the Gulf. The electric motor powert with 85 kW ( 115 hp ), which is 13 hp more than in the Gulf. As overall performance are to strong 218 hp and 400 Newton meters. The performance does not differ: VW promises a sprint time in less than eight seconds to 100 and over 220 km / h top speed.

50 km all-electric

In the operation, the Passat differs only slightly from Golf and Audi A3. By pressing a button the car stromert up to 50 kilometers, creating up to 130 km / h. The hybrid drive can operate in different modes, which are either set manually or automatically controlled. Thus, it is possible to charge the lithium-ion battery from the combustor while driving. And: Like the Golf, the Passat a GTE button. When pressed, a Sport mode sharpens throttle response, steering and transmission. In addition, Otto and electric motor join forces to let it rip properly with the boost function.

Over 1,000 km range

The petrol thirst of the Passat VW GTE estimated at 2.0 liters per 100 kilometers. Since this value is however determined by an everyday standard remote, real consumption is likely to be a piece about it. But is of particular interest to the total range that is named with over 1000 km ?? for long-haul and fleet drivers an attractive value. The battery is not only refueled while driving, they can also fill per outlet. This takes on a household socket four hours and 15 minutes, by using the optional wall box or at a public charging station the battery within two hours and 30 minutes is full again, so VW.

Comes as a sedan and station wagon

From the outside, the hybrid of a chrome radiator grille with blue line, striking cross-stays in the lower air intake and a C-shaped LED daytime running lights can be seen. Inside there are like golf GTE a "Power Meter" behind the wheel, also the standard infotainment system will be extended to advertisements for the hybrid functions. In addition, a blue ambient lighting, a leather steering wheel with blue stitching, a GTE - specific gear knob with blue stitching and seats with blue accents.

Still no price

The Passat GTE comes in the second half of 2015 on the market, it is offered as a sedan and station wagon. The standard equipment includes LED headlights, multi collision brake, Front Assist surroundings monitoring system including City Emergency Braking, 17-inch - Alus, a rain sensor and park Beeper front and hinten.Zum price there is still no information. A bargain, however this should not be Passat ?? the Gulf GTE starts at 36,900 euros juicy. We bet the Passat GTE to 39,900 euros . (HD)