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Tokyo ( Japan ), October 27, 2015

It's all a matter of perception: While the Subaru brand in Europe is more of a marginal phenomenon, it trumps in their home country Japan on large. This becomes clear at the Tokyo Motor Show ( 29 October to 8 November 2015). Here shows Subaru ten vehicles, including two completely new studies.

The next Forester?

The so-called Subaru Viziv Future Concept prejudice to a future successor to the SUV and Forester. The name Viziv stands for " Vision from innovation " and so Subaru packs a lot of technology into the concept vehicle. A stereo camera behind the windscreen monitors the traffic around the car and stop the car if necessary completely. This concerns the proximity to pedestrians, as well as the trip to Crossroads. On highways, the Viziv Future Concept to drive automated, also an independent parking is available. Technically, the car to a hybrid with a downsized gasoline turbo engine as the main power source. It is based on the 1.6-liter engine which works with 170 hp in the new Levorg.

Finally more Chic

Another world premiere is the outlook for the coming five-door Impreza. Even the often discordant Subaru design was scolded because of its tediousness. This should soon be concluded, the next Impreza gets sharp edges into the sheet ironed. An eye-catcher in the study are the strongly contoured wheel arches.

Noble WRX for Japan

Japan remains reserved the Subaru WRX S4 Sportiva on the basis of the civilized street version of the WRX STi with " only " 268 hp. On behalf SporVita the Italian words " Sportiva " connect ( sporty ) and " vita " ( life ). Distinguishing features are plush leather seats of Italian production and 18-inch Alus with 245er tires. Still no information is available to the BRZ GT300. Whether it is a performance upgrade for the small sports car, will only be announced at the fair . ( rh )